Brady Porche

Brady Porche

Former Editorial Director


Credit scores and reports, credit card industry trends, consumer habits, debt management


  • Two decades of professional writing and editing experience, including five years in personal finance
  • Works with personal finance experts to provide helpful advice to consumers
  • Has covered major financial news stories, including consumer debt trends, Fed rate moves, large-scale data breaches, personal finance in the pandemic and more


Brady Porche is a former editorial director at He has 20 years of professional experience as a writer and editor.

Brady’s writing has provided consumers with helpful information on many aspects of personal finance. He specializes in credit scores and credit reports, and has extensively covered topics such as rewards, debt management, data security, consumer law, monetary policy and more.

Brady has also worked with noted personal finance experts to deliver weekly insights into key topics such as business credit, credit scores, using rewards to fund travel and credit card industry trends.

As a personal finance writer and editor, Brady’s goal is to break down complex topics in a way that helps consumers make the best decisions for their finances – whether it’s choosing the best cards for their spending needs, getting out of debt, starting a business or planning a dream vacation with points and miles.

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Personal Quote

“If you’re a credit card user and you want to avoid getting into debt, it’s critical to create a budget and stick to it. Avoid spending more with your card than you can pay off each month. Better yet, pay your balance down to zero each week if your budget allows it.” - Brady Porche

Education & Honors

  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge

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