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How to get preapproved for a Chase card

Prequalified offers can boost your chances of snagging top credit card offers


Prequalified offers from Chase can help you get a better idea of which ones you can qualify for — and hopefully avoid a denied application.

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For those in the market for a Chase credit card, it can be nerve-wracking to fill out an application wondering if you’ll be approved. Many of the most popular Chase cards are limited to applicants with top credit scores, so those hovering between score ranges might want to avoid a hard pull to their credit.

Luckily, there is one way to boost your chances of getting approved for a Chase card. With prequalified offers, you can know ahead of time if Chase is likely to accept your application. There are a few things to know about getting a prequalified offer for a Chase card; read on to learn more.

Top Chase cards for prequalified offers

Flexible cash back

Chase Freedom Flex®

Flat-rate cash back

Chase Freedom Unlimited®

Chase Freedom Unlimited®


Chase Sapphire Reserve®

Chase Sapphire Reserve®

  • 5% cash back on rotating bonus categories that you must activate each quarter (on up to $1,500 per quarter)
  • 5% back on Lyft purchases (through March 2025)
  • 5% back on travel purchased through Chase Ultimate Rewards
  • 3% back on dining and drugstore purchases
  • 1% back on general purchases
  • $200 cash back bonus when you spend $500 in your first three months
  • 5% cash back on Lyft purchases (through March 2025)
  • 5% back on travel purchased through Chase Ultimate Rewards
  • 3% back on dining and drugstore purchases
  • 1.5% back on all other purchases
  • Earn an additional 1.5% cash back on everything you buy (on up to $20,000 spent in the first year)
  • 10X points on hotels and rental cars purchased through Chase Ultimate Rewards
  • 5X points on Chase Ultimate Rewards air travel
  • 3X points on general travel and at restaurants
  • 1X points on everything else
  • Note: travel rewards rates apply only after the first $300 is spent on travel purchases
  • 60,000 points when you spend $4,000 in your first three months

Prequalify for cards on your Chase account

Chase recently retired its public-facing prequalification tool, and it’s not promoting prequalified offers on aggregator tools like CardMatch, but you can still check for targeted offers directly on the issuer’s website if you are an existing cardholder.

To see if you’ve been selected for any preapproved offers, just navigate to “open an account” in your desktop or mobile account, select “just for you” and browse offers targeted to you.

Other ways to prequalify for Chase cards

In many cases, you can receive a prequalified offer from Chase without checking online. One way is to visit a branch of the bank and ask for any prequalified offers. You’ll be asked for similar personal information to online services. Alternatively, you might receive a targeted, prescreened offer for a Chase card in the mail.

Boost your chances to get preapproved

If you don’t have any prequalified Chase credit card offers from either of these avenues, you can boost your chances of snagging a prequalified offer by following these tips.

Work on your credit score

For those hovering on the edge of credit score requirements for a card, you can work to boost your score before you fill out a card application. Do this by making all your payments on time and in full and keeping your credit utilization ratio low.

Your credit utilization is the second most important factor in your FICO score breakdown, accounting for 30 percent of it, and represents the balance on your credit card relative to that card’s credit limit — or, if you have more than one credit card, the total of your combined balances relative to your cards’ total credit limit.

Your credit utilization shows lenders how you use your available credit. If your ratio is low it indicates you’re managing your credit well, while if it’s high, the lender might worry that you’re borrowing more than you can pay off.

Keep personal information up to date

If you’re already a Chase customer, be sure to continually update information that can affect your approval odds, such as your income. By demonstrating you will be a responsible cardholder, you boost your chances of being targeted for a prequalified offer.

Prequalifying does not guarantee approval

If you’re prequalified for a Chase card, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be approved. There’s always a small chance that your application will be denied.

Nevertheless, your odds are significantly improved when you prequalify, as you know you meet the credit requirements for that particular card. For those worried about suffering a hard pull to their credit only to be denied, prequalified offers are a great way to maximize your chances of scoring the best card for you.

One final thing to note: Applying for a prequalified Chase offer is not a way to bypass the 5/24 rule. Historically, some Chase cardholders have noted that targeted credit card offers by mail or online didn’t add to their 5/24 standing. However, this is not confirmed to be true and prequalified offers do not fall under this category.

Bottom line

Those seeking a Chase credit card can benefit from checking their prequalified offers. You’ll get a better idea of your approval odds, which will minimize your risk of getting a hard pull to your credit coupled with a denied application.

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