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Capital One® VentureOne® Rewards Credit Card review

Published: February 12, 2019

Partner Offer: carefully review product terms on Capital One's site before applying

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Published: February 12, 2019

Partner Offer: carefully review product terms on Capital One's site before applying

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Ratings Policy
Low Interest Rating:
3 rating
3 rating
3 / 5
Rates, Fees, Penalties: 2.6
Rewards: 2.9
Features: 4.0
Customer Experience 3.7

In a Nutshell:

The interest rate is reasonable – although not great – but the array of other features makes VentureOne Rewards Card worthy of consideration.

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Regular APR
14.24-24.24% (variable)

Introductory Purchase APR
0% for 12 months

Introductory Balance Transfer APR


  • No annual fee
  • No balance transfer fee
  • No foreign transaction fee
  • 3% or $10 cash advance fee (whichever is higher)


  • Up to $38 late payment fee
  • No penalty APR
  • No returned payment fee

Customer Experience

Other Notable Features: Credit tracker, travel upgrades and savings, complimentary concierge service, special access to events, shopping discounts, 24-hour travel assistance services, Apple Pay, lost luggage reimbursement, purchase security, roadside dispatch

Rewards Rating:
3.5 rating
3.5 rating
3.5 / 5
Rewards Value: 2.4
Annual Percentage Rate: 4.2
Rewards Flexibility: 5.0
Features: 2.0
Customer Experience 3.7

In a Nutshell:

The VentureOne card from Capital One is a good pick for cardholders who want rewards-funded travel, but don’t want to deal with blackout dates or complicated rewards schemes: In lieu of complicated bonuses, the card awards 1.25 miles on every purchase and it allows you to book your rewards-funded travel yourself from any website or travel agent you choose.

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Rewards Rate

  • 10 miles per dollar on hotels booked and paid through
  • 1.25 miles per dollar on other purchases

Sign-up Bonus
20,000 miles if you spend $1,000 in first 3 months

Annual Bonus

Annual Fee

Average Yearly Rewards Value ($1,325 monthly spend)

14.24-24.24% (variable)

Rewards Redemption

  • No blackout dates
  • No expiration dates
  • No mile limits
  • Redeem any hotel or airline purchase for a statement credit
  • No minimum miles required to redeem for travel
  • Transfer miles to 12 airline partners starting in December


  • Miles transfer at less than 1:1 ratio (2:1.5)
  • List of airline partners currently doesn’t include any large U.S. airlines

Customer Experience

Other Notable Features: Credit tracker, travel upgrades and savings, complimentary concierge service, special access to events, shopping discounts, 24-hour travel assistance services, Apple Pay, lost luggage reimbursement, purchase security, roadside dispatch

VentureOne tries to offer something to everyone, and the card might have succeeded. It is not a great low interest rate card, or a great rewards card. But as a combination rewards card with a low APR and no annual fee, it is a worthy contender for the space in your wallet.

Rewards credit cards usually come with a higher interest rate – currently averaging 15.70 percent – to compensate the issuer for the expense of the rewards program. But not in this case. You get 0 percent APR on purchases for 12 months, and a variable 14.24 to 24.24 percent interest rate after that. You also get a 20,000-mile one-time bonus for spending $1,000 in the first three months, 1.25 percent back on all purchases and Visa Signature benefits, which you will appreciate if you like to travel.

The APR is far from spectacular

If you are not interested in travel rewards, and a low interest rate is your only concern, there are other cards that will suit you better. The strength of the VentureOne Rewards Card from Capital One is in its diverse offerings.

Large one-time bonus

The 1.25 percent rewards rate is nothing to write home about, but you also get a 20,000-mile one-time bonus after spending $1,000 in three months. VentureOne miles are very easy to use. You can redeem them for $200 on any kind of travel, from airline tickets to cruises.

10x miles at

Cardholders who use to book their hotel stays now have a way to earn extra miles on top of the regular 1.25 mile earning rate. If you book and pay for a room through the new Venture portal, you will earn 10 miles per dollar. This bonus rate is unlimited and applies to any reservation you make through the portal until Jan. 31, 2020.. offers a worldwide list of hotels – including major hotel chains, boutiques, apartments and more — with competitive pricing.

If you are a frequent traveler, you could easily use this perk to boost your earning rate well above the card’s regular 1.25 miles per dollar. And, if you join the loyalty program, you also get the benefits of that program, which gives you a free hotel night after every 10 nights that you collect on the site.

Flexible redemption options

One of the greatest benefits of the VentureOne card is the simplicity of earning and redeeming miles. Since the card doesn’t offer bonus categories, you don’t have the ability to maximize your rewards earnings by rotating cards for various purchases, but you also don’t have to worry about enrolling or keeping track of bonus categories — you earn the same high rate with every purchase. Redeeming your miles is also a breeze.  You can redeem miles for statement credits covering anything that qualifies as a travel purchase  — giving you the leeway to purchase airfare from any source that you please — at a value of 1 cent per mile, with no minimum redemption threshold. And you have several other redemption options, including cash back, gift cards and more.

New mile transfer options

Capital One recently announced a new, added benefit for VentureOne cardholders: Members can now transfer points to 12 airline partners at a ratio of 2:1.5. Unfortunately, the current list of airline partners doesn’t include a major U.S. airline, plus cardholders lose 25 percent of their point value with a transfer. Still, there are some valuable partners in the list, such as Aeroplan and Avianca. By searching for special values with each airline partner, cardholders have the opportunity to eek more than 1 cent of value per mile. The new transfer options increase the value and flexibility of an already flexible travel card.

VentureOne Card transfer partners

Partner Airline Alliance
Aeromexico SkyTeam
Aeroplan (Air Canada) Star
Alitalia SkyTeam
Avianca Star
Cathay Pacific oneworld
Emirates N/A
Etihad N/A
EVA Air Star
Finnair oneworld
Flying Blue (AirFrance, KLM) SkyTeam
Hainan N/A
Qantas oneworld
Qatar oneworld
Singapore (KrisFlyer) Star

No foreign transaction fees

Since VentureOne doesn’t have foreign transaction fees, it is perfect for using overseas. Note that when you use a credit card abroad, you usually get the best foreign exchange rates. But be careful not to fall for the so-called “dynamic conversion” option. Merchants get paid by banks for convincing you to convert your charge into your home currency, and they never mention there is a fee for this option. Always choose to pay in the local currency.

More forgiving on the penalties

If you miss a payment, you will  incur a $38 late-payment fee. However, the card doesn’t come with many of the penalties that frequent other cards. There is no penalty for returned payments, nor is there a penalty APR. Many cards will raise your APR as high as 29 percent for missing a payment. With the VentureOne card, you can rest assured that your rate won’t jump a substantial amount if you skip a due date.

Why get the VentureOne card?

  • You are looking for a simple, flexible travel rewards card.
  • You want a card that combines a reasonable interest rate with travel rewards and other benefits.
  • You are interested in Visa Signature benefits for no annual fee.
  • You want a no-fee card with a large sign-up bonus.

How to use the VentureOne card:

  • If you use the low introductory APR, try to pay off as much as possible within the limit of 12 billing cycles to maximize your savings.
  • Try to redeem your miles for travel. You can also redeem for gift cards or statement credits, but they’ll only be worth about 0.5 cents per mile.
  • While you’ll usually get the best value by redeeming your points for travel statement credits, you should also check out the VentureOne card’s large list of airline partners. You’ll lose some value on the transfer, but you can make up the value by looking for sweet spots in each airline’s redemption chart.
  • Book and pay for your hotel reservations through to earn 10 miles per dollar on your purchases and join the loyalty program to earn free hotel nights.

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Partner Offer: carefully review product terms on Capital One's site before applying

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