Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card review

Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card review

Updated: May 20, 2021
Updated: May 20, 2021
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If you frequently stock up on books, clothing, diapers, electronic goods or other household supplies on, you’ll have no trouble earnings a substantial amount of cash back with this user-friendly cash back card. The Amazon Rewards Visa Signature card offers a solid amount of cash back on purchases and also gives cardholders an extra boost at restaurants, drug stores and gas stations.

If you’re not a heavy Amazon user, though, you won’t get nearly as much out of it. The Amazon card’s double rewards rate on everyday purchases such as gas and restaurant spending is helpful for cardholders who enjoy shopping on Amazon and don’t want a ton of cards crowding their wallet. However, you can almost certainly get more value out of everyday purchases with a different card.

Solid rewards for fans of

If you have an Amazon Prime membership and frequently use Amazon to stock up on household supplies – or if you’re a graduate student or parent who’s frequently ordering textbooks or other pricey supplies online – the triple rewards rate on the Amazon Rewards Visa is a great deal. You’ll receive 3 percent cash back on every purchase, which can add up quickly if you use your card regularly or use it to make some pricey purchases, such as furniture or electronics. And because the selection of available merchandise at Amazon is so huge, you won’t have trouble finding things to buy either. Cardholders can earn 3 percent cash back on everything from diapers to cleaning supplies to housewares and more, making it the perfect card for busy cardholders who use Amazon as a one-stop shop.

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Mediocre rewards on everyday purchases

The Amazon Rewards Visa also gives 2 percent cash back on restaurant, drug store and gas station purchases, which is a significant boost for cardholders who prefer to use the same card for all or most of their purchases. However, if you want to maximize your earnings on every purchase, you can get more cash back on those types of purchases through other cards. The Amazon Rewards Visa also awards just 1 percent cash back on general purchases, which is typical for a rewards card, but less generous than some competitors.

Lousy sign-up bonus

The most disappointing feature of the Amazon Rewards Visa, though, is its stingy sign-up bonus, which is well below average for a cash back card. New cardholders automatically earn a $50 gift certificate after they’re approved – which could go relatively far if you use it on deeply discounted products. However, most cash back cards give new cardholders a head start of at least $100 or more.

A better APR than most

Like most rewards credit cards, the APR on the Amazon Rewards Visa is also relatively high and so it’s not a good choice for carrying a large balance. However, if you only plan to carry a small balance occasionally, this card is more affordable than most. It offers a minimum variable APR of 14.24 percent, which is well below average for a rewards card. Meanwhile, its highest variable APR of 22.24 percent is also lower than many competitors.

Easy to redeem

In addition to being a good value for fans, the Amazon Rewards Visa also wins points for user-friendliness. Rewards never expire and there’s no limit on the amount of cash back you can earn.  Amazon rewards are also easy to redeem if you use them on Amazon purchases. If your card is synched with your account, you can instantly use your earnings to pay for Amazon purchases. This could significantly stretch your rewards dollars further if you use them to buy heavily discounted products. You can also redeem your earnings for cash back, gift cards or travel if you log onto However, Chase restricts how little you can redeem at a time if you redeem your cash back through

Why get the Amazon Rewards Visa card?

  • You frequently use to stock up on books, household supplies or other merchandise.
  • You plan to make a large purchase on and want a bigger rewards bonus.
  • You care more about long-term benefit than a short-term sign-up bonus.

How to use the Amazon Rewards Visa card:

  • Synch your card to your account and use your card for all your purchases.
  • Use to stock up on pricey household staples, such as textbooks, clothing, diapers, baby food, electronics, furniture and more.
  • Pay off your card in full each month to avoid paying interest.

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