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How to find a business’s merchant category code

Knowing an MCC can help you score more card rewards


If you’re looking to maximize your category bonuses, it helps to know the MCC code for the businesses you shop at.

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Dear Your Business Credit,

How can I find the merchant category code of any business before I actually do the transaction? The tellers don’t even have an idea of what I am talking about in most cases. Thanks for your help! – Adi

Dear Adi,

I can see why you’re frustrated. Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on company representatives to find merchant category codes, or MCCs.

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What is a merchant category code?

For the benefit of readers who aren’t familiar, a merchant category code (MCC) is a four-digit number the major credit card networks (Visa, Discover, American Express and Mastercard) assign to every business that applies to accept credit cards. The number corresponds to the type of business or service the company offers.

Credit card networks use MCCs to categorize and track purchases. When a purchase is added to your statement, the category assigned to it, such as “grocery stores, supermarkets,” is tied to the merchant category code.

Sometimes, MCCs are used to prevent certain types of purchases. For instance, a company that issues corporate cards may decide to restrict employees from staying in pricey hotels during business travel by arranging with the network to only cover lodgings with specific MCCs.

How to look up a business’s MCC

So, how do you look up the MCCs of a particular business? The IRS publishes a complete list of codes, but each card network also has its own list. As a result, a merchant may have a different code with Visa than with Mastercard, for instance.

Other online resources include the Visa Supplier Locator Tool, the Quick Reference Booklet – Merchant Edition for Mastercard and American Express supplies the code to each purchase on your statement. I was not able to find a similar guide from Discover online, so if you need those codes, I would suggest asking your merchant processor.

If you make purchases for your business, being aware of merchant category codes can help you maximize your credit card rewards. The rewards programs for certain cards will give you points for purchases that are in certain coding categories. Paying attention to how your card is categorizing a purchase can help you get more points, especially if you patronize a particular merchant regularly.

Why becoming familiar with MCCs matters

If your card gives you rewards for restaurant spending, you might want to pay attention to whether a fast-food restaurant attached to a gas station counts as a restaurant or “fuel” and only use that card at the eatery if the gas station location counts as a restaurant, for instance.

When in doubt, you can always ask the merchant if they know the code or make a small purchase to find out how it is categorized on your card. The employees may not be familiar with the MCC, but the owner of the business probably will be more aware.

That said, you probably won’t be able to make huge inroads in racking up rewards points this way, but even a few extra points here and there can add up over time. Good luck!

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