Erin Bendig

Erin Bendig

Freelance Journalist


Erin’s field of work includes writing, content creation and marketing. During her education, her work focused mainly on the arts, but over time she has branched out into other markets. She has worked with various companies and nonprofits to provide copywriting and marketing services.

Erin creates and writes content in a blend of traditional and multimedia journalism. She is well-versed in traditional media with reporting, interviewing and research, as well as using graphic design and video and audio storytelling to share with her readers.

Erin pairs personal experience with research and is passionate about sharing credit card information and personal finance advice with others.

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Education & Honors

  • Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the Grady College at The University of Georgia
  • Grady College’s New Media certificate in coding and design
  • Minor in art history from the Lamar Dodd School of Art

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