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Credit score needed for the OpenSky Secured Visa card

A secured card that actually won't check your score


The OpenSky Secured Visa is a great tool for individuals with bad or no credit to help build their credit. The card doesn’t require a credit check, gives you access to credit and offers a chance to increase your credit score by establishing a positive payment history.

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Individuals with poor or no credit have few options when it comes to credit cards. The OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit Card could be a suitable alternative if you don’t qualify for other cards. Secured credit cards are secured by a refundable deposit, not your credit score and credit history.

Using a secured credit card, like the OpenSky card, is a great way to build credit and to develop healthy credit habits. If you consistently make on-time payments, this card can also help you raise your score enough to eventually qualify for a more appealing unsecured credit card.

What credit score is needed for the OpenSky Secured Visa card?

Unlike unsecured credit cards, the OpenSky Secured Visa card carries no credit score requirement. In fact, no credit check is performed when someone applies for the card. As a secured credit card, applications are approved based on a refundable deposit instead of creditworthiness.

Refundable deposits for the OpenSky card can range from $200 to $3,000. Based on approval, the deposit also becomes the card’s initial credit limit. The OpenSky card offers one of the highest maximum credit limits among secured credit cards.

As mentioned, the security deposit is refundable. If you decide to close your account, you’ll receive the entire security deposit back as long as the card balance is paid in full.

What can I do if my application is denied?

OpenSky typically decides on card applications within 48 hours. You can check your application status online through the card issuer’s website. In some cases, OpenSky may email to request clarification on your application or for additional information before it approves or denies your request.

If denied, you will receive an email letting you know. You can learn more about the reason for denial or ask for reconsideration by calling OpenSky’s customer service line at 1-855-763-6736. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do if you are denied, except look for another secured card or work to improve your credit until you qualify for other credit cards.

How can I improve my credit score?

Boosting your credit score may or may not help you qualify for the OpenSky Secured Visa card since there is no credit check. Improving your credit will help you qualify for more rewarding secured cards. Here are some tips for improving your credit:

Know your score and review your credit reports

To improve your credit score, first you need to know where it stands now. Several websites and credit card issuers offer free access to check and monitor your credit score. Once you have your score, you can make a plan to improve.

You should also review your credit reports to make sure there aren’t any errors or lingering issues negatively affecting your score. Checking your reports is also a great way to understand your credit and what has contributed to a lower score.

You can get a copy of your credit report from each of the three major national credit bureaus – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. You can also request a free copy of reports from all three bureaus once yearly through

Make on-time payments

On-time payments not only help you pay down existing debt, but they can also boost your score, because payment history is a major factor in your score. Late payments, on the other hand, are reported to credit bureaus and drag your score down.

Setting up automatic payments for the minimum amount due can help if you’re struggling to make on-time payments. Just be sure there’s enough money in your bank account to cover payments.

Pay off debt

Few things move the credit score needle as much as paying down your debt if you carry a balance on another credit card already. Not only can it put you in a better spot financially, but it can boost your score by dropping your credit utilization. A credit utilization ratio is the percentage of available credit being used at any given time. It accounts for 30% of your credit score, so keeping this percentage low can help your credit score quickly jump.

Keep old accounts open

The length of your credit history accounts for 15% of your score. If you struggle with credit card debt, you might think the answer is to just cut up your cards and close the accounts, but this can actually cause your score to drop.

Closing credit accounts, especially long-standing ones, can lower your credit age, and, in turn, lower your credit score. Unless a credit card carries an annual fee you don’t want to pay, it might be better to put it away for safekeeping instead of closing it.

Limit credit inquiries

Credit scores also factor in the number of credit inquiries made within a 12-month period. Each time an inquiry is made it can cause your credit score to drop several points. This can add up quickly, especially if you apply for several cards or loan products within a short period.

Bottom line

If your credit isn’t up to par to qualify for a rewards credit card with more perks, the OpenSky Secured Visa card can help you reestablish your credit and build a positive payment history. Since there’s no credit inquiry, it may be easier to qualify for than other credit cards. If you don’t qualify for the OpenSky card, take steps to improve your credit and your chances of qualifying for another card.

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