Credit score needed for the Blue Cash Everyday Card from Amex

A good or excellent credit score is most likely needed to get this Amex card


American Express requires a good or excellent credit score to qualify for its popular Blue Cash Everyday Card. 

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The Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express is a popular cash back credit card that allows cardholders to earn rewards for their spending in select categories, including groceries and gas. As a result, it’s become a popular option for families and others with high spending in these categories.

But as is the case with most credit cards, not just anyone can qualify for these perks. Only those who meet Amex’s credit score requirements will be eligible. In this article, you’ll learn what credit score you need to get the Amex Blue Cash Everyday Card, how to boost your credit score to meet the requirements and what to do if American Express declines your application.

What credit score do I need to get the Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express?

American Express requires a good or excellent credit score to qualify for the Blue Cash Everyday Card. A good credit score is considered anything from 670 to 739, while an excellent score is one that’s 740 or higher.

But remember, your credit score isn’t the only factor that American Express will consider if you apply for the Blue Cash Everyday Card or any other credit card. Other factors that can determine your eligibility include your payment history, credit utilization and income. Even if you have a credit score above 670, a history of late payments or a low income could prevent you from qualifying.

How can I improve my credit score to get this card?

If you want to apply for the Blue Cash Everyday Card, but your credit isn’t quite where it needs to be, taking a few steps should get you on the path toward the card you want. Below are a few strategies you can use to boost your credit score and increase your chances of approval.

Improve your payment history

Your payment history is the most important factor that determines your credit score. In fact, it makes up 35% of the calculation even though it’s just one of five factors.

There are a few different ways you can improve your payment history to boost your credit score. First, make sure to pay all your bills on time. If it helps, you can set payment reminders for yourself or set all your bills on autopay so you can be sure you’ll never miss a payment.

Another way to improve your payment history is to address any past-due bills you already have. While those negative marks will stay on your credit report for seven years, ensuring they’re paid off will help to boost your score.

Decrease your credit utilization

Your credit utilization refers to the percentage of your available credit that you’re using. The lower your credit utilization, the better your credit score.

There are two ways to reduce the percentage of available credit you’re using: paying off debt and increasing your credit limit. If you’re carrying debt on another credit card, paying that off can go a long way in boosting your score and reducing your utilization.

As we mentioned, the other way to decrease your credit utilization is to increase your available credit. You can do this by applying for a new credit card, but an even simpler way is to call your current credit card issuer and ask if it will increase your credit limit.

Start with a secured credit card

One of the Catch-22s of credit is that you generally need credit history to qualify for a credit card. But until you’ve qualified for a credit card, you lack the credit history you need to qualify for another. That’s where the secured credit card comes in.

A secured credit card is designed for borrowers with a limited credit history or poor credit to build their credit. It works much like a prepaid debit card in that your spending limit depends on a deposit that you pay when you sign up for the card. But then you make monthly payments as you would on any other card, and those payments are reported to the credit bureaus, boosting your credit history. Eventually, you’ll have the necessary credit history or required credit score to qualify for a better card like the Blue Cash Everyday Card.

Boost your credit with other monthly payments

If you don’t currently have any credit cards or loans, then you may have a limited credit history that’s making it hard for you to show proof of on-time monthly payments to boost your credit score. The credit bureau Experian offers a solution.

Experian Boost is a free service that allows you to have your monthly bills reported to the credit bureaus the same way that debt payments are. As a result, you can have your phone bill, utilities, streaming services and more show up on your credit report as on-time payments, boosting both your payment history and your credit score.

Similarly, there are services that will allow you to add your rent payments to your credit report, though this generally requires a monthly fee.

What can I do if American Express declines my application?

If American Express declines your application for the Blue Cash Everyday Card, you’re not entirely out of luck. Like most card issuers, Amex offers reconsiderations to individuals who would like their applications reviewed again. You can reach the company’s reconsideration line at 1-800-567-1083.

Keep in mind, however, that reconsideration doesn’t necessarily guarantee you’ll be approved. As we mentioned previously, even with a good or excellent credit score, you may have other factors on your credit report that cause American Express to decline your application.

Final thoughts

The Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express is one of the top cash back credit cards on the market. In fact, we’ve included it on our list of the best credit cards overall, and plenty of people enjoy the elevated rewards rate on popular spending categories like groceries and gas.

To qualify for this card, you’ll typically need a good or excellent credit score. Even if you aren’t there yet, the tips in this article can help you boost your credit score to qualify for the Blue Cash Everyday Card. In the meantime, you might consider applying for a different credit card more in your eligibility range. While Amex’s cards largely require good credit to qualify, there are plenty of other credit cards specifically for fair-credit borrowers.

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