Alliant Visa Signature Card review

Alliant Visa Signature Card review

Updated: July 8, 2021
Updated: July 8, 2021
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If you’re not one to jump through hoops, track your spending, or juggle several credit cards, the Alliant Visa Signature is an excellent option. It’s a flat-rate cash back credit card that offers 2.5-percent cash back on every purchase, no matter where, when or what you buy (up to $10,000 in qualifying purchases per billing cycle).

Since you’ll be hard pressed to find another flat-rate card that offers as much cash back, the question is: why doesn’t everybody already have this card? The answer is twofold:

  1. You must be a member of Alliant Credit Union to be eligible for the card.
  2. There are better no-annual-fee options for people who spread their purchases across many credit cards to maximize rewards.

Keep in mind that joining Alliant Credit Union is pretty easy, but not necessarily free. Unless you work at or have retired from a company with an Alliant Credit Union membership, are related to a member, belong to one of any eligible associations or live in an eligible Chicago-area community, you will need to make a donation to Foster Care to Success to be granted a membership.

More benefits than the average flat-rate card

Since many people use multiple cards to maximize their earnings, card issuers often don’t include as many premium benefits on flat-rate cards as are found on rewards cards. Since Alliant is billing its card as a premium product, it’s reassuring to know that many premium features like purchase security and concierge service are included.

Additionally, having no foreign transaction fee is a nice benefit — it gives cardholders the opportunity to earn cash back anywhere in the world.

Why get the Alliant Visa Signature?

  • You prefer cash back to travel points or airline miles
  • You don’t want to track spending categories, activate quarterly bonuses, or worry about spending requirements
  • You want one card that gives you a good return on every purchase

How to use the Alliant Visa Signature

  • Spend more than $20,000 on the card per year to make sure you’re earning more cash back than you would with a no-annual-fee flat-rate card
  • Consider making it your only credit card to put as much spend on it as possible
  • Use it outside of the country to earn cash back throughout the world without paying foreign transaction fees

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