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Credit score needed for the Citi Premier Card

Your best chance of approval comes with a good or excellent credit score


If you’re looking for the minimum Citi Premier card credit score in order to have your application approved, make sure you have good or excellent credit.

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Citi ThankYou points are outstanding rewards points and the Citi Premier® Card offers an excellent way to earn them and a generous welcome bonus – if you have the right credit score.

Applying for and using a new credit card is one of the best ways to collect a large chunk of miles or points quickly. But before you open a new credit card with an attractive welcome offer like the Citi Premier’s, it’s important to be aware of how opening a credit card affects your credit score. Your history of meeting your debt obligations has a serious affect on your score, so make sure you have the ability and discipline to pay off your bill in full every month, before worrying about credit card rewards.

Another thing that can affect your credit score is the number of new accounts you open. Frequent requests for your credit score (which are triggered when you apply for a new credit card) or declined applications can also negatively impact your credit score. So make sure you’re applying for a card that fits your overall credit profile. In this article, we’ll look at what type of credit score you need for the Citi Premier Card.

What credit score do I need to get the Citi Premier Card?

The Citi Premier is advertised as a credit card looking for applicants who have a good or excellent credit score. A FICO score between 670 to 739 is considered good, while 740 to 850 is excellent. So for the Citi Premier Card, you’ll want a credit score that is 670 or higher. If you apply for a Citi Premier with a credit score below 670, you may not be approved.

The Citi Premier is an outstanding rewards credit card, with an outstanding initial welcome offer and solid earnings on everyday purchases, including bonus points on spending at restaurants, supermarkets, gas stations, air travel and hotels. Having the Citi Premier card also gives you access to Citi’s hotel and airline transfer partners, which can really help you maximize the value of your ThankYou points.

How can I improve my score to get this card?

By and large, there aren’t a lot of magic bullets to improve your credit score. The way that you get a good credit score is by reliably paying your bills in full each and every month. Past history of meeting your debt obligations is one of the largest factors that makes up your credit score.

Here are a few other things that you can look at if you are trying to improve your credit score to qualify for the Citi Premier Card:

  • Review your credit report for errors, inaccuracies or missing information.
  • Pay your bills in full each and every month.
  • Decrease how much of your available credit you are actively using (your credit utilization ratio).
  • Use services like Experian Boost or UltraFICO to link non-traditional accounts like your cellphone or utility bills.

What can I do if Citi declines my application?

If Citi declines your application, you have a couple options. First, determine why your application was rejected. Generally, credit card companies will issue a written statement containing the reason(s) your credit card application was declined. If you’re still not sure, you can also call the credit card company for more information. Some of the reasons your credit card application might be denied are low income, limited credit history, too much debt or negative information on your credit report.

If your Citi Premier credit application was denied due to information on your credit report, you should review your credit report and make sure it’s completely accurate. If your application was denied because of information on your credit report, the company is legally required to let you know you’re eligible for a free copy of your report. Make sure you take advantage of this. You’ll also want to review your credit card application and be sure your information is correct.

Your last chance will be to call the Citi reconsideration line. Mention any inaccuracies in your application or credit report, and ask for someone from Citi to take a second look at your application. Be prepared to sell yourself. Explain why you would be a great customer for Citi and the Citi Premier Card. If you’re far below the minimum requirements, calling the reconsideration line may not change anything. But if you’re on the edge, asking for reconsideration and talking to an actual credit analyst may get your Citi Premier credit card application approved.

Final thoughts

Most credit cards have a range of credit scores that make it likely to be approved. If you apply for a credit card with a credit score below this expected range, you’re not likely to be approved. If you’re not sure what credit score it takes to be approved for the Citi Premier or any other credit card, you can often find this information on the card issuer’s website. Generally, the higher the rewards a credit card has, the higher the credit score required in order to be approved.

In the case of the Citi Premier card, you should aim to have a good or excellent credit score before applying. That generally means a credit score of 670 or above. If your credit score is below 670, you will be better off working on improving your credit score before applying for the Citi Premier credit card.

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