Lindsay VanSomeren

Lindsay VanSomeren

Personal finance writer


Personal finance


  • Former contributor to specializing in personal finance
  • Featured in Bankrate, LendingTree, Credit Karma and Forbes Advisor
  • Published in Discover Magazine, Yes! Magazine and Smithsonian Magazine


Lindsay VanSomeren is a former contributor to who started out racing sled dogs and studying wildlife biology in Alaska, without a care for money or finances. She quickly pivoted toward personal finance, though, once she saw how powerful an impact it had on improving her family’s life. Today, she enjoys helping others learn how to live a bigger life, too, through good financial management, such as how to use credit responsibly, how to budget effectively and how to save for the future.

VanSomeren has written on personal finance and credit for websites including Bankrate, LendingTree, Credit Karma and Forbes Advisor. And, since money isn’t everything, she also enjoys writing about the environment and indigenous tribes, especially in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where she lives. She has also been published in Discover Magazine, Yes! Magazine and Smithsonian Magazine.

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“Money isn't everything. But it can erase a surprising amount of problems in your life.”

Education & Honors

  • B.S. and M.S. in Wildlife Biology and Conservation

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  • Association of Health Care Journalists

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