Allie Johnson

Allie Johnson

Award-Winning Freelance Writer


Choosing a credit card, using credit cards wisely and earning and maximizing credit card rewards


  • More than 10 years of experience writing about credit cards
  • Brings journalism ethics and skills to bear on personal finance writing
  • Skilled at breaking complex credit card lingo into plain language


Allie has written about personal finance and covered credit cards extensively for more than 10 years. Allie covers avoiding credit card debt, choosing credit cards wisely and earning and maximizing credit card rewards. She has written about every aspect and nuance of credit cards, from dealing with fraudsters to double dipping on points and miles to using your card to help your kids build credit.

Allie’s interest in helping consumers manage their finances wisely dates back to the Great Recession that started in 2008. Allie had built up the thin credit of her 20s to qualify for a mortgage, only to see the value of her home plummet soon after she signed the contract. That experience sparked a strong interest in money and how consumers can arm themselves with information in all aspects of their financial lives.

Allie has worked at daily newspapers in Texas and Missouri, has covered city and state government and has written narrative nonfiction. She has received a number of state and national journalism awards, including two Clarion Awards from the Association for Women in Communications.

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Personal Quote

“Credit cards are an important financial tool when used wisely. Making the most of this tool requires cultivating good credit, choosing the right card for you, understanding the terms and staying on top of your finances every day.”

Education & Honors

  • Bachelor's degree in journalism from E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio
  • Graduate certificate in Spanish translation from Georgia State University, Atlanta

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