Author: Damon Brown

Damon Brown


Travel credit cards, loyalty programs, starting a business, side hustles


Master’s in magazine publishing from Northwestern University


  • Helps entrepreneurs start businesses and side hustles on a budget
  • Has founded two startups and published books on entrepreneurship
  • Four-time TED talk speaker


Damon Brown helps side hustlers, solopreneurs, and other non-traditional creatives bloom. He co-founded the popular platonic connection app Cuddlr and led it to acquisition within a year, all while being the primary caretaker of his infant first son. He now guides others through his consulting and coaching, his column and public speaking on platforms including TED.

His financial expertise includes maximizing travel cards, funding your company on a budget, and turning side hustles profitable.

Damon is author of the best-selling series “The Ultimate Bite-Sized Entrepreneur.” His latest book is “Build From Now: How to Know Your Power, See Your Abundance & Nourish the World.”

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