Sarah Estime

Sarah Estime

Associate Writer


Credit card industry knowledge and trends, Consumer habits, Debt management


  • Personal experience with overcoming debt, including credit card debt.
  • Has worked with industry experts to provide insightful tips to credit card consumers.


Sarah Estime is an associate personal finance writer at and Bankrate. She has 3 years of experience as a professional writer. Prior to joining the team of writers at and Bankrate, Sarah and her husband tackled $95,000 of debt, including debt from credit cards, and began their journey toward financial freedom. This sparked Sarah’s interest in sharing sound money advice regarding credit cards and debt management.

As a writer, Sarah’s goal is to offer sound advice that will improve your financial life and help simplify topics like travel hacking and credit card rewards.

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Personal Quote

"A credit card can be a part of a healthy financial life if you use it wisely. Education is key to making smart money choices, that includes deciding on a credit card. With education you can reap the benefits that come with credit cards while avoiding the pitfalls." - Sarah Estime

Education & Honors

  • Bachelor's degree, Political Science with minor in international relations, Illinois State University

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