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CREDIT CARD HELP: The basic fundamentals of credit cards

All you need to know to be a smart credit cardholder
Credit Card Help: 7 things you must know about credit cards

10 credit card mistakes you should never make

Credit cards can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how they are used. We break down the 10 biggest mistakes consumers make with their plastic, including No. 1: Getting too many.

Think you know credit reports, scores? Take our quiz.

Credit Card Help: How much do you know about credit reports and scores?

They're all over the news, but do you know how these important things work? Let's find out with these 10 questions. 

Interactive: Step-by-step look at a credit report

Credit Card Help: Interactive look at a credit report

Credit reports can be complex and confusing. This interactive tool walks you through a sample credit report to help you understand it.

How credit card reform will impact you

Credit Card Help: How credit card reform will impac you

The rules of the credit card game have changed as the landmark Credit CARD Act has taken effect. Here's what these changes mean to you.

Find the terms you must know in our credit card glossary

Credit Card Help: Credit card glossary

What's an APR? What about a grace period or a finance charge? This alphabetical list of terms can help clear things up for you. 

CREDIT CARD HELP: The basic fundamentals of credit cards

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Credit Card Rate Report

Updated: 10-23-2014

National Average 15.07%
Low Interest 10.37%
Business 12.80%
Balance Transfer 12.82%
Student 13.14%
Cash Back 14.98%
Reward 15.05%
Airline 15.46%
Bad Credit 22.73%
Instant Approval 28.00%