Greenlight Debit Card
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Greenlight Debit Card

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$4.99 per month


  • Set automated allowances that pay out on any day of your choosing, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Create one-time or weekly chores with flexible payment options. Pay once chores are completed, or tie weekly chores to allowance payments. Teens can set up direct deposit and learn the importance of saving and giving.
  • Set store-level and controls to make sure your kids only spend at certain stores, restaurants or websites. Real-time notifications tell you where, when, and how much your child just spent. And reporting lets you and your child review spending choices together.
  • Create savings goals for your child that encourages them to set aside money for a specific purpose and track progress towards reaching that goal. Set your own parent-paid interest rate and show your kids how their money grows each month when they make good decisions to save. Giving account may only be used to donate to 501(c)(3) organizations, sparking conversations around the importance of giving to those in need.
  • Instant Transfers. Real-time notifications. Complete account activity history.
  • Both parents and kids can turn the Greenlight card off it goes missing with a single touch within the Greenlight app. Your Greenlight card comes equipped with an EMV chip which provides you an extra layer of protection and is required for many places around the world. Set your child’s secure PIN, and change it at any time within the app.