Credit Cards Tools

We have developed a set of free interactive tools and calculators to help you with financial decisions. Our tools help you see your credit score and report for free, maximize your rewards, perform financial calculations and match you with cards based on your credit profile. We also provide you a reference guide that helps you manage your privacy and security.

See our full list of credit card tools below:


Too many inquiries on your credit report may affect your credit score – guard your credit by using this tool. We match you with the cards you are more likely to get approved for.

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Credit Card Calculators

Use our set of calculators designed to help you find answers to your financial questions. Enter your values, and the resulting calculations will show the costs and benefits for your scenario.

Credit Card Calculators

Best Credit Cards by Category

If you’re undecided about the best type of credit card for your spending habits, see what we consider the best in class for each category. We’ve made it easier for you to find the best card.

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