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Avoid raiding retirement accounts to pay credit card debt
Q&A: When a balance transfer card trumps a debt consolidation loan
Can an authorized user transfer debt onto shared card?
Q&A: Do I have to pay US debts if I now live abroad?
How to undo fraud charges when thief is a family member
Q&A: Is shared CD at risk if I file for bankruptcy?
Whoops! I used my deceased sister's card
Can't pay card bills after medical crisis: What to do?
Am I liable for check-cashing, credit card scam charges?
Will canceling card prevent charges from going through?
Can authorized user be arrested for card charges?
Should I take out personal loan to pay off $25,000 card debt?
Why do I keep getting rejected for a new card?
Finding the best card to pay for child care expenses
Looking for no-fee, 21-month balance transfer card
Is it worth disputing card opened fraudulently at 17?
Retrieving CVV, expiration date on deceased's credit card
Executor not personally liable for deceased's card bill
How does a merchant know my new card number?
Options for getting out of expensive car loan
Can husband report wife for using his card to pay bills?
Can I use deceased brother's cards to pay for his funeral?
Should I liquidate my 401(k) to pay my husband's back taxes?
Can an ex make you pay debt on his card?
Authorized user not liable for ex's card balance
How to handle elderly, sick parent's credit card debt
How to boost low score to qualify for a mortgage
How residual interest can keep you from a $0 balance
Don't let a card's annual fee take you by surprise
Stopping thief who's opening cards in deceased mother's name
What to do if new collector re-ages old debt on credit report
How to file 1099-C on behalf of a deceased spouse
How to handle 1099-C for individual debt when married
Using inheritance to pay off student loan debt
Why APR keeps rising on closed card with a balance
On disability with $15,000 in card debt: Is house at risk?
Got great credit? Cancel that unwanted store card
Can a card issuer charge interest on late fees?
You loaned out a card, got stiffed? Go to small-claims court
Card debt's being charged off, now what?
Self-employed can't be garnished, but can be sued
New accounts should have only minor credit score impact
How to remove old debt from credit reports
House lien from unpaid card debt shouldn't be a surprise
Withholding payment over late pay dispute unwise
Elderly dad can't cover card bills and assisted living
Your options when a parent is financially irresponsible
Facing the consequences for unauthorized shopping spree
Balance transfer can help reduce new grad's card debt burden
The case against credit card piggybacking
Card debt will be charged interest even if account is closed
Help! I maxed out 5 cards to 'help' online boyfriend
Micropayments help debt management, credit scores
Social Security benefits protected from garnishment
Use home sale proceeds for new home first, debt later
85-year-old mom has $25,000 in card debt
Dispute card accounts opened fraudulently by ex-spouse
Premarital debt weighs on new marriage
Living together doesn't create common-law marriage or debt liability
Be wary of whose card you piggyback on
Deceased mom's debts take priority over inheritance
Teen falsifies birth date, gets card, charges $500
Stop soon-to-be ex from sticking you with joint debt
Best way to allocate lump sum across multiple card debts
Warn the ex's girlfriend about his IRS tax debt
How to graduate from debit-only to being a credit card holder
Volunteering for jail isn't the answer to debt
Aging father's big card debt puts his home at risk
Personal funds generally safe once debt is uncollectible
Settling parent's financial affairs after death
Card issuers need court judgments to seize debt payments
How card debt liability changes after final parent dies
Options for escaping penalty rate APRs
Authorized user kept charging on deceased dad's card
'Injured spouse allocation' tax form can shield spouse from debt
Is widow liable for husband's debt consolidation contract?
Quick fixes for temporary repayment problem
Getting a refund tougher if you buy with debit card
Don't tap IRA to pay back taxes
Will debt settlement hurt authorized user's credit?
What to do about card debt when on a fixed income
Co-signed card leaves mom's credit in ruins
Car lien shouldn't come as a surprise
What to do when kids charge $2,500 to your card for iTunes
How an unpaid debt affects selling your property
Authorized user not covered by service member's APR protections
Don't fall for collector's threats on really old debt
Spousal identity theft is fraud, so fight it
Lost job? Budget, don't stop card payments
For tax purposes, card statements aren't detailed receipts
Card owner's dementia, death make it hard to prove theft
Mom has Alzheimer's and $20,000 in card debt
Restoring credit after authorized user status goes bad
Settling debts for half of what's owed isn't easy
Options in case 'written off' debt reappears on credit report
Can I get away with maxing out my credit, filing for bankruptcy?
Options for getting a handle on a $37,000 debt
Don't agree to debt repayment you can't afford
Mortgage after bankruptcy, divorce: You need time
Mom's Medicaid leaves no money left for debt repayment
Joint card account means sharing gambling charges
Forgotten card leads to post-divorce strife
Even paid-off cards usually canceled in bankruptcy
ID thief may pay bills on stolen card, but needs to be turned in
Wife has lower score, but gets better prescreened card offers
Halt card spending until after mortgage closes
Don't ignore summons for unpaid card debt
How to stop identify theft of a deceased family member
Ex still charging on old joint card account
Yes, raid kid's college fund to pay $30,000 card debt
Clearing authorized card user account information
Out of 11 cards, which 7 do I cancel?
Secured card may be best when on a fixed income
Collectors can't win judgment without proof of debt
Build credit before house hunting
Statute of limitations doesn't wipe credit slate clean
Getting US loan after living abroad not easy
Don't ignore divorce decree debt mandate
Chasing rewards points backfires when debt piles up
Mom with dementia sued for card debt
Dissolving joint debt post-divorce dicey
Finally got a zero balance? Good! Now change credit strategy
Defaulted business cards result in tax liability
Don't succumb to lure of debt settlement firm
Even for old debt, settling beats other options
401(k) accounts generally free from collection
Help! Ex left me with $45,000 in card debt
Cut prescreened offers to reduce theft temptation
Teen's secret charges discovered by parents
Husband opened cards, ran up debt in your name? It's fraud
1099-C snarls mortgage qualifying
Debt relief scam mars victim's credit rating
Sharing a card with a parent can be risky
It's not fraud if you lend your card out
Collectors still calling after a 1099-C 'Cancellation of Debt' tax form
Pay down debt before adding teen to card
How to get back overage on card accounts
Sharing medical cards not allowed
Unpaid joint car loan sullies ex's credit
Is husband liable for wife's $50,000 card debt?
Don't default on co-signed loan to teach son a debt lesson
Living on disability with $8,000 in card debt
There's no quick credit score fix
Over-limit card scam fools cardholder
Want a mortgage? Ditch cash-only, build a credit history
Avoid late payments by setting up auto bill pay
Inheritance spent, bankruptcy looming
Parent's nursing home costs take priority over card debt
Adding yourself to spouse's card is fraud
Have a balance transfer financial strategy
Options limited if authorized user refuses to pay charges
Balance transfer impact on your credit score
Credit rehabilitation programs don't do anything you can't do
Your rights if a merchant charges you but delays shipping
Joint truck lease leaves widow in a lurch
Charged items have a low risk for repossession
Odds slim when suing authorized user for unpaid debt
Be careful with inheritance, spending before bankruptcy filing
How balance transfer cards help or hurt credit scores
Wrong account info doesn't absolve debt responsibility
Seniors vulnerable to credit card fraud
Maxed out cards? Don't open another one
Did Macy's ruin my credit when it closed, reopened my card account?
Fines owed to city exempt from bankruptcy
After illness, cards maxed out, turned down for loans
Tax lien won't impact shared credit card
Ways to pay off high-interest debt
For co-signers, IRS won't count forgiven debt as income
Authorized users and charge cards
Walk away from co-signed loan? No such thing
Talk to lender before letting debt go to a collector
Mom piggybacked on realty agent's troubled account. What now?
Mom opened checking, credit accounts in my name, left a mess
Law caps service members' rates on old debt, not new
Fighting garnishment of low wages for medical debt
They divorced, he died, she's stuck with his $40,000 student loan
Divorced woman still cleaning up ex's financial mess
Foreign boyfriend's check-cashing request sounds like fraud
Lowering your interest rate: HELOC vs. 0% credit card
Take care before giving a debt collector your bank account info
On disability, facing interest rate creep
Clean up credit before finding new apartment
Stop paying your late mother's credit card debt
Property liens shouldn't be a surprise
Disabled? How to discharge federal student loans
Old debts come back to life with 1099-C
After divorce, ex leaves joint debts unpaid
Wife finds another woman's credit card under bed
While hiding from abusive ex, she falls behind on loan payments
Ex's ID theft thwarts new couple's finances
Single mom struggling with card payments
Keeping a card balance to boost credit score is dumb advice
She took cash advances on his card, then he died. Does she owe?
How to undo unauthorized card charges
Parent with dementia and a $40,000 debt: Who's liable?
Bad idea: using credit cards to pay for a move
Husband's secret debt destroying marriage
Resolve medical debt before marriage
Is family responsible for mom's debt?
Debt judgment puts inheritance at risk
Forging hubby's signature on a card application
Ex-wife racks up debt on joint accounts
Mom co-signed, now stuck with student loan payments
Who pays card bill after parent dies?
Will closing a new, unused card hurt my score?
Headed overseas? Get an EMV chip card
Wage garnishment laws differ by state
Elderly mom racks up card debt, check-cashing loans
Can a minor be sued for using an adult's credit card?
Can you negotiate medical debt with collectors?
Student loan repayment troubles? Don't delay
Building good credit doesn't happen quickly
Don't share accounts with elderly parents
Pay off card charges before bill arrives
Daughter racks up debt on deceased dad's card
Husband won't stop charging on joint card
Divorce and card debt in community property states
Why not leave country and bail on student loans?
Sister opens cards using Mom's identity
Old car debt hounds ex-wife
Foreign exchange students can build a US credit score
Divorcing? Your kids don't need a money martyr
Stuck with card debt with no job, assets
Will card debt scare off student loan lenders?
Student loan co-signer on the hook for delinquency
Pay off debt vs. settle it: Which is better for your credit score?
Is wife liable for ex's card debt?
Stop the debt shuffle, and figure out why you owe so much
Will canceling cards hurt a great credit score?
Deceased husband's debt haunts wife
How long does old debt stay on credit reports?
How to clear a judgment from your records
How old debts can lead to seized assets
Out of cash, out of work and in debt
Do medical bills show up on credit reports?
Pay off card debt slowly or all at once?
When authorized user status works against you
After a debt judgment, inheritance may be at risk
Can card issuers take your home if you don't pay?
Rolling card debt into home refinance
One loan results in multiple marks on credit report
How to create a quick credit history for lenders
How to stave off collection attempts after death
Mom's on the hook for co-signed student loans
One late payment shouldn't ruin a credit score -- or a romance
Help! I spent too much on Christmas
Can debt collectors call your mother?
Dealing with credit card debt after being laid off
Does having a high card balance hurt credit score?
Asperger syndrome adult wants her own credit card
How multiple card payments raise credit scores
Settling debt has credit score, tax impact
Do you keep a card with a monthly fee?
How to win a credit card charge-back dispute
Can an ex sue you for signing, using his card?
You can't hide a bankruptcy from your spouse
Can an executor use deceased's credit card?
Putting card payments on automatic can hurt your credit
Gearing up your credit score before a house purchase
How to stop debt collection robocalls
When parents die in debt, can you keep it a secret?
How a friendly loan can turn ugly
Obtain proof of debt from collectors before you pay
How to get your name off a spouse's credit cards
How to clear credit of fraudulent card account
How much tax do you pay on canceled debt?
Will bankruptcy scare off future spouse?
Why a spouse may be turned down for joint credit card
Is inheritance at risk with bankruptcy filing?
Is it wise to use IRA funds to pay off mortgage?
Offsetting the impact of a canceled credit card
How to fix surprise credit report errors
Don't be liable for debt when serving as power of attorney
Protect funds from garnishment when disabled
Protect credit scores when canceling a credit card
Should one spouse take on full debt load?
Can you use dad's credit card when he's ill?
Dealing with a spouse's secret credit card debt
How to get a mortgage with no credit history
Steps to take to relieve elderly mom of credit card debt
'Residual interest' makes credit card bills tough to pay off
Defaulted car lease can lead to wage garnishment
Old, unpaid debts can resurface at any time
Reduced payment plans not offered by all credit card issuers
Rebuilding credit doesn't mean going back into debt
It's never too late to learn about personal finance
How fast can I make a credit score comeback?
Laid off, but still liable for ex-employer's credit card debt
Don't restart the clock on expired debts
Ex racks up $40,000 on old joint credit card
Can bankruptcy tap surprise inheritance?
Joint credit cards don't dissolve with divorce
Do you marry someone who has big debt?
Dealing with unethical debt collectors
Don't play around with card phone scams
How to handle money when married, but living apart
Will bankruptcy stop wage garnishment?
When does a debt get too old to collect?
Steps to recover from financial infidelity
Where you live impacts debt liability in divorce
Can wages by garnished before a court date?
Who pays secret debt in divorce?
Tying up card debt when death's near
When bankruptcy makes sense
What benefits are exempt from garnishment?
Dissolving debt dissipates marital discord
Is an heir liable for her parent's credit card debt?
Can debt judgments follow you overseas?
Protect elderly parents' credit cards from illegal use
Bad contractor botches job, issues debt collection threats
Some spend lavishly up to their date with bankruptcy court
Who pays fiance's credit card debt if he dies?
When good gift cards go bad
Help! Ex-spouse won't pay co-signed car loan
How likely is it you'll be sued for unpaid debt?
Keep creditors at bay during bankruptcy filing
Will bankruptcy affect an authorized user?
How to deal with debt limit meltdown
Protect your finances when your spouse is bipolar
Duped by son, mom stuck with $20,000 debt
How to stop an adult daughter abusing elderly mom's credit
Pay one credit card, stop paying the others? Bad idea
Collectors can refuse partial payments
Computer stolen? What to do now to prevent ID theft
How many times can creditors buy old debts?
Inheritance rules after you've filed for bankruptcy
How canceled debt can come back as a tax bill
Years of caregiving can land you in debt
Seek help for unexpected medical bills
Government benefits protected from creditors
She has llamas, horses, dogs, no job and big debt
What to do when debt collectors threaten to put a lien on your property
Why co-signing on a card for an ex is a mistake
Don't settle a debt for more than you can pay
Why interest charges remain after a card is 'paid off'
Paying the IRS back for its mistakes
Protect your credit during a divorce
Disabled and in debt: Three choices
Using a deceased spouse's plastic is illegal
Filing for bankruptcy threatens inheritance
Jobless adult children rack up big debt on mom's cards
When you marry Mr. Debt, be prepared to pay
Retiring mom stuck with daughter's college debt?
Put off marriage until after bankruptcy
Laid off: Which bills HAVE to be paid?
Basic rules for business card usage
Foreclosure's impact on spouse's credit
Best ways to spend a $25,000 windfall
Will bankruptcy filing hurt ex-spouse?
Avoid sharing credit with elderly parents
Pay off balances or close accounts to boost credit score?
You can run from debt, but you can't hide from it
Retired, in debt: Is bankruptcy the answer?
Is wife liable for husband's student loans?
3 ways to pay off your mortgage early
When nonpayment lands you in court
Disabled and in debt: What to do?
Paying off joint debt brought into a marriage
There's no easy way to make debt disappear
Bad credit? You can still buy a house
Newlywed nightmare: hidden debt
Don't allow debt collectors to bully you
Plastic neophyte questions logic of getting credit
How a new credit card affects your credit score
How to transform a good credit score to great
Best to clean up debt in your home country
4 common myths about debt and marriage
Do you marry someone with $150,000 in debt?
Don't pay a collector's dubious old debt without firm proof
Don't retire card debt with 401(k) savings
How to control elderly dad's financial blunders
Losing your job doesn't mean you have to file for bankruptcy
Tips to handle online debit card theft
Your car loan: Finance or pay it off?
Premeditated card default for ailing father?
Get angry at your overdue debt, not your lender
Not signing your plastic has its hazards
The problem with paperless credit card bills: Forgetting to pay
Paying off debt on a fixed income isn't easy
An elderly couple's options for dealing with debt
Bankruptcy doesn't absolve spousal support payments
Bankruptcy protects against wage garnishment
There's no easy fix when you're maxed out on credit
Too many credit cards increases liabilities
4 ways to shorten lengthy credit card payoff
How a widow should handle collection calls on late husband's 'debt'
What types of income are protected from wage garnishment?
Paying bills by money order gets expensive
Credit card charges made by minors are invalid
Best use for inheritance: pay debt or create savings?
Protecting the elderly from credit card collectors
Tips for rebuilding your credit after divorce
Forget chocolates, lend your credit rating for Valentine's Day
Negotiating down card debt and your credit score
6 common money mistakes women make
Take steps to prevent bipolar card splurges
Resist racking up debt to get back at cheating spouse
Daughter's card abuse hurts mom as authorized user
Don't hide debt problems from collectors, friends or family
Hold collectors at bay by keeping accounts current
Adult son racks up $20,000 on mom's cards
8 tricks to not rack up card debt during the holidays
Can debt collectors garnish Social Security?
How to escape the credit card fee cycle
How bad credit affects a new marriage
Help! My husband's debt is ruining our credit
There's a cost to paying less than you owe
When the no-interest, same-as-cash deal clock runs out
Health care cards carry same credit risks
Will cash gifts, inheritance go to creditors after bankruptcy?
Debt collectors must prove the debt is yours
Beware of 'fake' grandkids calling for cash
Protect yourself from estranged husband poaching your good credit
How does moving overseas affect credit card debt?
What you stand to lose if you don't pay credit card bills
Best to apply cash to credit card debt or down payment?
Card issuers don't make hardship programs easy
10 ways to pay down credit card debt
70 years old with $20,000 in credit card debt
What to do when facing a credit card rate increase?
Can one spouse's bankruptcy destroy the other's credit?
Create a separate credit identity after divorce
Protect your credit score during divorce
Starting a credit life after a spouse's death
Avoid bankruptcy during messy divorce
When your ex doesn't pay on joint accounts
Does it matter who is the primary account holder?
Take responsibility for card overspending
Protecting your credit score when paying down debt
When elderly parents abuse credit cards
What to expect when filing for bankruptcy
Purchase protection on balance transfers
What's the best way to pay the IRS?
Curb credit card convenience check temptation in one easy step
Why do credit cards have expiration dates?
Who's liable for charges on dead dad's credit card?
Teaching adult children fiscal responsibility
Joint accounts: Till debt do you part
Don't be caught off guard by limited purchase protection
10 grandchildren + $100,000 in card debt = bankruptcy?
What happens to prepaid cards when a business is sold?
Good credit cardholders lumped in with bad
Mad at your credit card issuer? You still have to pay
Exercise caution when selling jewelry to pay down debt
Steps to take to pay off old debt
How to avoid debt collectors' fees
When medical problems hit, bankruptcy can make sense
Canceled debts will lead to IRS tax
How to keep debt collectors at bay
What to do when you're sinking in debt
Leaving debt behind in another country
Bailing family members out of debt: Think twice
Just say no to store credit cards
Elderly mother can't pay $14,400 in credit card debt
When collectors come after you for ex's unpaid debt
Paying less than minimum won't ward off garnishment
Behind on car lease payments: What to do?
Take control of debt, avoid bankruptcy
Don't use 401(k) to pay back taxes
Learn the three Cs of credit
Wage garnishment after unemployment
When debt collectors don't play by the rules
In times of financial uncertainty, follow timeless advice
When starting a small business, get a business card
Sally Herigstad's 3 rules of credit
How credit card balance transfers affect your credit score
Can credit repair companies ruin your credit score?
What to do when your ex steals your identity
Unpaid car lease fees can ruin your credit
Before you refinance, clean up your credit score
Will cashing in retirement funds help my credit score?
Unscrupulous lenders bend collections rules
Do's and don'ts for improving your spouse's credit score
When is a debt too old to go into collection?
Is selling your house to pay down debt a good idea?
Credit card issuers know more about you than you think
Improve your credit score by keeping card balances low
Retired, with $70,000 in credit card debt
Don't even think of spending frivolously before bankruptcy
Debit vs. credit: Which offers more protection?
Who's liable for underage credit card debt?
Obsessing over your credit score
Canceling a credit card and your credit score
Two years behind on credit card payments