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Q&A: Should I close high-limit, zero-balance cards I don't use?
Q&A: What to do if merchant details on card statement are unfamiliar
Q&A: Can I transfer my own credit card to my partner's name?
Q&A: Applying for multiple credit cards at the same time is a bad idea
Q&A: Applying for a second card? Keep the first one open
Q&A: Can I be sued over card debt beyond the statute of limitations?
Q&A: How using a 'debt relief firm' may affect credit score
Q&A: Buying a new car? Don't take out personal loan to pay off card
Q&A: Removing myself from credit card I share with my ex
Q&A: What to do if you suspect someone opened a card in your name
Three errors that could cause a 100-point score drop
On disability, can't pay card debt: Is garnishment a possibility?
Being authorized user on a maxed-out card: Does it help or hurt score?
Q&A: If I get married, will spouse be responsible for my old card debt?
Q&A: Should I take offer to settle my card debt?
Easy ways to use cards to boost score, get a home loan
Pay as you charge to boost credit score
How quickly can I raise my score after years of inactivity?
Can late payment on one card cause APR hike on another?
4 options to tackle credit card debt in retirement
Will I be declined for an installment loan with a fair credit score?
Cancel new card to minimize impact on score
Planning to buy a house soon? Keep unused cards open
Should I sell my house to get out of debt?
Side gig can be best debt-payoff option
The Credit Guy's top 5 money tips
Can collectors come after your inheritance?
Neglecting one credit card bill can ruin your credit
When merchants tack on card processing fees
Be vigilant if you suspect ID theft
Ignoring debt collection lawsuit can lead to wage garnishment
Stop paying or file bankruptcy: Which path is less painful?
When is a debt too old for collection?
Credit card use rights die when the account holder does
Starting on the path to building good credit
Harassed for debt that's not yours? Here's how to make it stop
Getting out of high-interest credit card debt
Get a better credit score by mixing up types of credit
Sometimes bankruptcy is the ONLY way out
When does debt get too old to collect?
Disputing, removing joint-account holder causes headaches
When a minimum payment increase becomes unaffordable
When debt collectors make your life miserable
Does saving trump carrying a high credit card balance?
Divorce doesn't dissolve joint card debt
Learn your credit card billing cycle to avoid late charges
Inherent risks exist when co-signing a car loan
Use caution when assuming another's debts
Student loans in default: What are your options?
After a breakup, who's responsible for card debt?
On a fixed income with debt collectors calling
What to do when CARD Act rules backfire on you
Your options for reducing a high credit card APR
7 ways to ensure a financially successful marriage
How do you get debt collectors off your back?
Divorce and credit card debt don't mix
Credit CARD Act doesn't prevent new fees
How a credit co-signing goof can impact renting a home
Pros and cons of paying off old debt
Debt in collections: Do you settle or pay in full?
Minimum payments won't dent high-interest debt
Financial reform opens access to free credit scores
Transferring mom's balances to your cards? Not so fast
Ignoring delinquent debt can lead to wage garnishment
Sharing credit puts everyone at risk
Getting financially fit at 50 isn't too late
Don't fall prey to aggressive debt collection tactics
Avoid restarting the clock on time-barred debt
Does credit card interest accrue after death?
Only payments over the minimum go to high APR balances
Comparing desperate options: bankruptcy vs. debt negotiation
Authorized users aren't liable for card debt
Clarifying new rules for how card payments are applied to balances
Late payments don't justify rate instant rate hikes anymore
Miss the opt out, you pay the price
How to pay off $11,000 in card debt in three years
Your options aren't pretty when a relative gets plastic in your name
Forgiven debt resurfaces at tax time
CARD Act prevents sudden rate hikes, not annual fees
Yes, card issuers can sue you for nonpayment
When even the minimum payment is too much
7 simple ways to create an emergency savings fund
Is reaffirming card debt during bankruptcy wise?
Your options when paying the minimum isn't possible
After medical bills lead to wage garnishment, consider bankruptcy
Debtor determined to become debt-free needs a plan
How to resolve a bogus medical bill
You can't opt out of credit card teaser rates
Tough choice: credit card debt vs. down payment on a car loan
The mystery of multiple opt outs explained
A desperate debtor's option: hardship programs
When your credit's still married and you're not
Explore all options before declaring bankruptcy
In default on car loan: What to do?
How to pay $12,000 in credit card debt quickly
Debt can slow down retirement goals
How credit card interest charges accrue on a daily basis
What to do when debt triples your income
Mystery debt: A collector's goof becomes your recurring problem
The risks you incur when you co-sign
Options are limited for bad credit customers
The risks you face when co-signing a loan
Options for dealing with a minimum payment increase
Creditors care about original loan documents, not court agreements
You have new rights to keep your old rate
Learn your options when dealing with medical debt
Just one day late can hurt that credit card rate
Killing off the credit card balance that refuses to die
Active military personnel protected from interest rate hikes
Considering bankruptcy? Use the 'divide by 60' test
How being an authorized user can hurt your credit score
How to cope with sudden minimum payment increase
How your credit score reflects paid-off accounts
Personal loans vs. credit card cash advances
Allowing friends to use your credit card = mistake
When family members ruin your credit
Hit with an APR hike? Keep the card or cancel?
With credit card bills, don't be late, negotiate
The ugly side of debt collection
Your options for negotiating outstanding debt
Ignoring debt collectors won't make them go away
Can Social Security benefits be garnished over card debt?
Laid off, stuck with company credit card bill
Now's the time to let lenders know you're struggling
Ex-wife maxes out joint cards: Who pays?
Retired, widowed, overcome by credit card debt
Hit with a credit card interest rate increase: Do you cancel?
How to handle credit card bills when pink slip looms
New citizen tips for building good credit
Tiny payments don't keep creditors away
When credit card debt ruins retirement
How to keep credit scores up when card limits are slashed
Not all issuers allow you to opt out of rate increases
Lessons in paying off delinquent debt
Income down, bills up. Time for credit counseling?
$65,000 cash advance for friend goes unpaid
How to check for, fix ID theft or fraud
Here's how to help young adults with bad credit
How to keep a small business credit limit from being cut
Strategies for escaping a too-expensive auto lease
Ignoring old debt can come back to haunt you
Creating a plan to pay off $60,000 in credit card debt
FACTA and the rules behind getting a free credit report
How debt settlement works, how it affects credit scores
Help! My APR's been hiked to 27.99 percent
Building a credit history without credit cards
Disabled vet seeks relief from credit card debt
Leaving country won't avoid wage garnishment
Living within your means
Emergency fund money critical in a crisis
Credit recovery advice: Start slow, do it right this time
Taking on new debt in an economic downturn
Balance transfers impact your credit score
Can I charge that Acura TL?
Laid off, but stuck with corporate card bill
Can you really afford that car loan?
Patience is key to credit score repair
Steps to try and opt out of a credit card rate increase
Shedding debt outweighs a damaged credit score
Easy ways to boost your credit score
Which is better? Frequent flier or cash rewards programs?
Steps to take to repair your credit
When is a credit card's 'fixed rate' not really fixed?
After creating a debt management plan, stick to it
The true cost of canceling a credit card
VantageScore credit score product combines three scores into one
When a family member steals your identity
Emergency fund, retirement come before credit card debt
Managing on-time credit card payments
Good credit? You deserve the best interest rates
How to help your college-age child establish credit
How does a credit card work?
Authorized user or joint account holder?
Check out credit counselors' credentials first
Understanding how credit scores work
Rich lady, big overdue card debt
How to opt out of credit card rate increases
Expert Q&A: Budget for debt, but not too tightly
Ask The Credit Guy: Do credit rehab myself?