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Speaking of Credit
Q&A: Should I contest credit card wrongly reported as closed by me?
Q&A: Applying for house refinance soon? Don't miss card payments
Q&A: How to combine existing card balances without hurting score
Q&A: Library fines, parking tickets no longer trash your credit
Q&A: Can post-bankruptcy deed in lieu be reported to credit bureaus?
Q&A: How does credit card activity affect my score?
Q&A: Best strategy to raise my credit score beyond 750?
Q&A: Why a recent graduate should get a second credit card
Q&A: Missing a card payment to build credit is terrible advice
Q&A: Closing maxed-out card won't lower credit utilization
Q&A: Does being an authorized user on too many cards hurt my score?
Wrongly reported old delinquencies can keep credit score low
3 strategies for reducing debt on multiple cards
Approved for a too-low-limit card; better off closing it?
6 questions to ask when adding an authorized user to your card
How will closing secured card, opening unsecured card affect credit?
Balance transfer plus new debt will lower your credit score
No credit? Unpaid debts can still be sent to collections
Loan can boost score faster than balance transfer deal
Is credit card paid off 10 years ago lowering my score?
Will paying down closed card debt help my credit score?
Will removal of civil judgments boost my credit score?
How and when to pay new cards to boost credit score
Should I pay old card balance on a 1099-C I just received?
Deed in lieu: How it lowers your credit score, and what to do about it
Q&A: With multiple credit checks, timing is key
Refusing to pay bills on principle has consequences
A two-step plan for building young credit
Tips for getting a big score boost when paying maxed-out cards
How lowering your card limit hurts your credit score
'Pay for delete' debt settlement comes out of the shadows
Canceling new card won't restore credit score
Credit pulls hurt score, but only once
Your 6-months-with-no-payment credit score comeback plan
7 steps: Clean up your credit by spring
Late payments' recency, frequency, severity dictate score damage
How credit scores attempt to predict the future
Small credit line? Pay early to boost your score
Withholding payment after dispute goes against you
How to restore your good credit score to great
Autopayments, though convenient, can backfire
Yes, worry about a 30-point discrepancy in your credit scores
Small balance shows you use credit, helping your score
Don't close your credit card accounts to win a mortgage
Being added as authorized user can boost credit age, score
Credit bureau policies vary when freezing a child's credit
Business charged you via card number on file? Dispute it
If credit score disappears, here's how to get it back
Removing yourself as an authorized user
How becoming a widow affects credit
How preapproved offers affect credit
How delinquent child support affects credit scores
How being denied credit affects your score
Hard inquiry warning not required
5 credit scoring head-scratchers
Authorized user doesn't like the piggyback ride
Score damage increases if unpaid debt goes to collections
Q&A: If you settle debt, expect a credit score drop
How a Canadian can restart credit in the U.S.
Who sees credit report 100-word statements
Just 10 credit score points shy of a mortgage
Why an old debt may vanish from credit report
Good payment habits will raise score after balance transfers
Some states offer exceptions to credit reporting rules
Card account isn't closed if annual fee still charged
Positive info not always reported to all 3 credit bureaus
Even with no SSN, unpaid debt can ruin your credit
Pay off revolving card debt first over installment loan
Lenders may remember old charge-off forever
Wrong address in credit report won't hurt score
High installment loan utilization hurts your credit score
Promotional inquiries' impact on your credit score
Credit utilization rules for managing your credit score
Allocating card payments on a limited budget
'Nuisance' debt in collections under $100 may not hurt score
Primary account holders are responsible for card debt
Playing hardball in a debt dispute has credit consequences
Automated credit score advice may not fit
Don't be hasty in closing unused account with $0 balance
Check credit score before applying for balance transfer
Credit score differences: How they occur, why they matter
Involuntary authorized user wants to be removed
How charge cards are different in credit scoring formula
Rebuilding credit? Go easy on new accounts
How partial debt payments affect your credit, your legal rights
Immigrant seeks to build good credit faster
Options limited when paying bills for relative in coma
How hard and soft inquiries affect your credit score
Raise credit score 30 points in 6 months? Tough, but doable
How long negative information stays on a credit report
Maxed-out card blocks entry to 800 credit score 'club'
Getting a credit card after bankruptcy can help credit score
How late payments get reported to credit bureaus
Spouse committed fraud, ran up debt, but we're still together
Minimizing score damage after a charge-off
5 questions every authorized user should ask
Credit card advice for a 'debit card kind of guy'
How average credit account age affects your FICO score
5 credit score oddities
How banks limit the size of your balance transfer
How credit reports handle balance transfers
Tips to boost credit score enough to qualify for a mortgage
Myth: Too much available credit hurts home loan
Credit scores recover quickly from short-term debt
Banks' internal 'behavior scores' can decide cardholder terms
3 quick, easy, inexpensive credit score rebuilding tools
The facts behind debt reduction methods
Credit score still damaged after report error fixed
How credit mix is calculated in FICO scores
To boost score, let credit utilization guide your debt payoff
Why credit limits aren't revealed until after you get the card
Getting a mortgage? Pay debts, go easy on charging
How mortgage settlements affect your score (and for how long)
Debt shifting helps your score, but paying it off is better
Why hard inquiries hurt your credit score
Your low-limit secured card strategy: Pay the bill early, often
Paying a time-barred debt before mortgage application
Brother's got a near-perfect credit score? Go piggybacking
Length of credit history matters more when you're young
How payments are allocated on a card with different rates
How credit score formula handles multiple credit inquiries
Boosting credit after a discharged bankruptcy
An insider's view: How FICO scores burst from secrecy
Help your credit score rebound after a fall
Best way to apply tax refund to multiple card balances
How to build credit with a student loan
How rapid rescore works when applying for a mortgage
What day is my card balance reported to the credit bureaus?
When building credit, focus first on on-time payments
Partial payment agreements can hurt your credit score
Paying by cash won't build credit score
Closed accounts affect your credit score, but maybe not how you think
How many cards is too many?
Authorized users can't access credit card account information
Opening 3 cards at once dings credit score, short-term
Landlords limited in ability to pull tenants' credit reports
5 credit don'ts for homebuyers applying for mortgages
5 steps to dispute debt caused by ID theft
Steps to rebuild credit after bankruptcy
How early payment can result in late fees
Charge-offs irreversible, even if co-signer not notified of debt
Retail cards, the Rodney Dangerfields of credit, deserve respect
The good and the bad of credit account 'piggybacking'
Prescreened card offers don't impact your credit score
Forget the 30 percent credit utilization 'rule' - it's a myth
How leaving a tiny card balance each month affects credit score
Charge a lot? Pay early and often to avoid score damage
Closing 50 cards without damaging credit score
How closing cards and student loans affects FICO scores
Maxing out card might be worth temporary credit score ding
Don't expect big score boost when unpaid debt falls off credit report
Understanding credit limits and how they work
Time-barred debt can still do damage even after 13 years
New myth: Closing a credit card account always hurts your score
6-year-old mystery debt suddenly appears on credit report? Erase it!
Rebuilding fiancee's credit one small monthly charge at a time