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2016 holiday card perks and rewards
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Back-to-school credit guide 2016
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'Webrooming' trend reduces online shipping costs, problems
Survey: 3 in 4 Americans make impulse purchases
4 tips to minimize impulse buying
Poll: Many cardholders will avoid stores hit by data breaches
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Too late for a refund? Return assistance programs may help
Major retailers' 2016 return and receipt policies
Mysterious 'Tips for Jesus' leaves behind enormous tips
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Layaway 2013: Survives recession's end, but evolves
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Using money to self-medicate?
How 'mindfulness' can curb impulse spending
Tattoo debt: Body art can create red ink
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7 tips for saving time, money when shopping online
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How paying with plastic can make you fat
9 smartphone tips to ease holiday shopping stress
When happy meds lead to depressing debt
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How drunken shopping can pickle your finances
'Upcycling' turns credit cards into jewelry, trash into fashion
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More stores moving to digital receipts
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MCC codes unveil consumer shopping habits
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No more 'no receipt, no return'?
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Toddlers, tiaras -- and debt: the costs of child beauty pageants
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Chart: 2010 holiday credit card and debit card special promotions
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Back-to-school spending priorities clash for parents, kids
8 top reasons you overspend
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Lee Eisenberg, author of 'Shoptimism' on why we shop
Buyers' guide to gift cards: 5 questions to ask before buying survey: Retail credit cards boost rates, cut rewards 2010 retail credit card chart 2009 retail credit card chart's guide to online holiday shopping 2009
As Americans tighten belts, they adjust attitudes toward credit
Shopping and credit cards
'Free trial' offers can bring unwanted credit card charges
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Credit card dangers may lurk on smaller websites
Online shopping options offer credit card safety
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