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Reward programs
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Rewards programs move toward flexible, immediate spending
Holiday card rewards 2013
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Investment cards: Spend today, rewards tomorrow
Multiply reward points with prepaid and reload cards
Taxes, tuition can rack up rewards, for a fee
3 trends shaping today's rewards credit cards
Credit card bonuses playing hard to get
Credit card rewards can trim the sales price of cruising
Rewards points auctions offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences
Poll: 2 out of 3 rewards card holders balk at taxing miles, points
Airline and hotel rewards donation chart
How to donate unused rewards miles, points
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Interactive: Top 50 cash-back credit cards
Surprise! Some reward point 'gifts' are taxable, says the IRS
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Rate survey: Credit card rates rise to record high
9 unusual credit card rewards and perks
Airline, hotel credit cards offering bonus for adding authorized users
Rewards cards' sign-up bonuses get more generous
Using credit, debit card to buy gas now a major financial decision
Comparing pro sports leagues' credit cards
Your credit card can make you elite
Forgot to pay your credit card bill? You could lose your rewards points
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Personal finance predictions for 2010: Rewards cards
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Credit card issuers shift rewards to 'platforms'
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Capital One launches nonprofit card program
Discover deploys military rewards program
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Where some of the best rewards cards can be found
Debit card rewards programs gaining acceptance
Auto manufacturer credit cards: a car deal on wheels?
Retail rewards cards: Stores give points and more
Coping with the gas pump
Trips and traps of credit card rewards programs
Gas prices take toll on family visits
Small business, big rewards from credit card companies
Compare gas cards
Drive for rewards pushes old-style gas cards in ditch
Credit card extreme rewards: It's not just about the money
Reward options for business credit cards
Reward options for business credit cards: miles, rewards and cash back
'Experiential' rewards let credit cardholders live out dreams
6 steps to minimize debt, maximize credit card rewards
Discover Card makes summer even better
ESPN Total Access Visa Credit Card
Discover Monogram credit card
Avoid rewards credit card pitfalls
World of Warcraft credit card
Store credit cards get upgrade
Sotheby's credit card offers museum rewards
Bank of America credit card can take you out to the ballgame
Comparing home improvement credit cards
Making rewards credit cards, saving work together
Earn rewards with a corporate credit card
MasterCard changes fee structure on credit cards
Capital One credit card offers straightforward cash back program
The PetRewards Platinum Plus Visa Credit Card will make both pets and their families happy
Earn cash back with the Financial Rewards Visa Platinum Plus Card
Enjoy your hotel stay using the Wyndham Rewards MasterCard
Bank of America Rewards American Express Card offers low interest and rewards
2007 contest for Discover business credit card
Credit card reward points could disappear without notice
Enlightenment in a credit card
Reward credit card points can become great holiday gifts
Hotel loyalty programs undergo point value changes
Credit cards for wealthy consumers become even more rewarding
Holiday shopping incentives for credit cards can be tempting
American Express improves Blue Cash Card rewards
MasterCard sweepstakes offers a chance to win a home
Chase Freedom rewards card
Credit card reward programs: a short history
Fewer gas rebates for cash back credit cards
Let credit cards work together to save you money
Survey shows how moms feel about rewards credit cards
Earn cash back or points with the Chase Freedom rewards card
Reward credit cards provide greater flexibility
AmEx announces Membership Rewards changes
Credit cards can help pay for home improvements
GM business card offers attractive benefits for cardholders
Discover Platinum Gas Credit Card offers a Chase Visa rewards card
Citi offers $50 free gift card with Diamond Preferred Rewards
Consumers not alone in loving rewards credit cards
Reward credit cards grow in popularity
Reward credit card providers allow you to double dip this tax season
Chase makes rewards a priority
Capital One No Hassle Rewards -- looking out for you
Selecting the best cash back credit card
Blue Sky from American Express
Get an advantage in business with the CitiBusiness AAdvantage Credit Card
Reward card programs can help you save money during your summer vacation
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Supersize your credit card rewards program
Maximize your credit card rewards program
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Compare cash back, reward credit card programs
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Cash back or airline reward credit cards?
Gas rebate credit cards: Looking better all the time
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Earn 5% cash back with Discover
Cash back bonus credit card: 5% back on everyday purchases