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Opening Credits
Q&A: A small credit limit is fine for first credit card
How to handle friend who cries fraud over authorized user card
Q&A: When bankruptcy doesn't make sense
When denied credit, don't get mad, get even
Parent has bad credit? Don't become an authorized user
When does clock start ticking on 0-percent card deal charges?
How do airline credit cards work?
How to remove card account you didn't open from credit reports
Can I co-sign on secured card to start child's credit?
With two $0 balance cards, will a new card hurt my score?
Will applying for, then canceling, new card hurt scores?
Can I transfer loan balance to a credit card?
Don't rush to close your secured card
How to help a 17-year-old build good credit, in 3 steps
Can I get a credit card if I don't have a job?
How an immigrant can build credit in the U.S.
On secured cards, add bigger deposit to goose score
How will closing store cards affect my credit score?
How to build up a thin credit profile for a future mortgage
How to minimize credit utilization while maximizing rewards
I opened a credit card using my boyfriend's info. Did I commit fraud?
Can I apply for a credit card before I start my first job?
How to detect card fraud, identity theft
Why card theft victims can't view store security tapes
Best way to raise credit score on a $500 limit card
Repairing credit damage incurred as a young adult
How to clear fraudulent card accounts from credit reports
3 ways to boost score with first low-limit card
How to improve credit while wages are garnished
Adding incarcerated brother-in-law to card can rebuild credit
Get annual fee waived on unwanted new card
Consolidation loan vs. balance transfer vs. DIY payment plan
Emancipated minor repeatedly rejected for credit card
How to help kids build credit before age 18
The risks of canceling a new store card
Cable service opened in daughter's name goes unpaid
Multiple monthly card payments can boost credit scores
How to deal with a spouse who spends compulsively
How do credit-builder loans work?
Why credit applications get denied after recent bankruptcy
How a credit card helps boost scores for future mortgage
Adding second card may boost thin credit file
Can I use a card that I found on the floor?
Deceased dad left trail of fraudulent accounts
How canceling a new card can hurt your credit
Even with a fee, 0% balance transfer deals can offer savings
My ex-girlfriend charged over $7,000 on my card
Get bankruptcy trustee approval prior to applying for credit
How to access elderly parent's credit reports
Ask for a lower APR; you just might get one
If mom opens cards in your name, it's family fraud
Once balance is paid off, your credit limit is restored
When a 'friend' racks up $11,000 on your card
How to fix credit after dad opens card in son's name
Will incorrect income on car application jeopardize loan?
Creating a credit history for kids under 10 is too early
Deceased father's accounts dragging down son's scores
Is secured card best for rebuilding credit post-bankruptcy?
Card options expand when bankruptcy falls off credit report
Safeguard accounts from card-stealing family member
Understanding how a card's billing cycle works
How unwanted card, hard inquiry impact credit scores
Unpaid fees from canceled card can end up in collection
New card application may renew debt collection
Lowering credit limit on new card can hurt scores
Canceling new card won’t offset hard inquiry score impact
Paying down existing balances trumps need for secured card
Set rules when adding child to your card for foreign travel
Minor's co-signed bank account at risk of parents' garnishment
What types of income qualify on card applications?
Dispute duplicate student loans entries on credit reports
Low utilization boosts balance transfer deal approval odds
Walmart MoneyCard prepaid card does not build credit
How to build credit when you're not a US resident
Used right, subprime cards can help rebuild credit
How a secured card's security deposit works
While in credit recovery, apply for new card with care
With high credit score, adding new travel card not a problem
Secured card, patience needed to boost score
Wait for bankruptcy discharge before applying for credit
Getting, building credit requires an income
Charging after bankruptcy filing can backfire
Best card to build credit post-bankruptcy
Do you list gross or net income on card applications?
Steps to build credit as a permanent resident
Don't apply for multiple balance transfer cards
Use caution when adding a friend as an authorized user
Stop debt collector's harassing phone calls
New to credit? Build score with car loan, secured card
How closed accounts affect credit history, scores
Canceling an unactivated card can hurt credit scores
Baby-sitting money counts as income on card application
Police report needed to fix credit after mom steals child's ID
Go from good to excellent credit with first (and only) card
Rehabilitating student loan won't raise score immediately
Parental conservators can block access to finances, credit
Charging bills can help your score if you pay early, often
Closing only card means no score, no mortgage
Great credit score means you should reap rewards
Card issuer unlikely to hold a grudge for very old debt
Emancipated 17-year-old rejected for credit
Closing a new card won't undo credit score hit
Once student loans are paid, a second card may be in order
Card tips for rebuilding credit after bankruptcy
After 10 years abroad, credit record must be restarted
Authorized users don't have to share credit reports
Debt can be voided if signer was a minor
Credit score impact of store card financing deals
Steps to remove yourself from mom's card
When credit card interest is applied
Help your score rebound after card issuer closes account
How to build a credit score with your first card
Mom steals ID, racks up debt, ruins daughter's credit
How a balance transfer card can boost FICO score
Don't let new card's annual fee take you by surprise
Report ID theft, even if the card was never used
When does interest begin accruing on charges?
Score impact of maxing out 3rd line of credit
Credit score impact of multiple balance transfers
Don't be duped into signing up for a store credit card
I changed my mind: Can I cancel new card, avoid annual fee?
Computer financing options for credit newbie
New US resident must rebuild credit
How to tell if a 'friend' stole your identity
Cover sudden pet bills with emergency card
Saving for laptop trumps financing 'deals'
Pay off loan with balance transfer card?
How debt management plans affect your credit
Canceled cards boost debt utilization ratio
When no credit history leads to card rejection
Don't let fear compel you to cancel your first card
Bankruptcy should be removed automatically from credit reports
Credit check not needed for public school loans
Recovery from bad credit: 1st steps
Financing a new laptop? Do the math first
Quickly opening, closing accounts makes scores dip a bit
18 and ready for first card: Begin here
Help! I opened cards fraudulently, ran up big card debt
How a card's introductory APR works
Apply for your first credit card, then remove yourself from Dad's
Managing 10 cards or more? 4 rules
How credit charging limits work
Should a student have more than one card?
Steps to take when a family friend steals your card
Jobless grad with student loans, $29,000 card debt ponders bankruptcy
You can't boost secured card limit with extra cash
Tips to rebuild credit after living abroad
Mom offers daughter balance transfer deal
Ex didn't pay up, so your student loan defaulted? Go after him
Shared card leads to collection mess after a bankruptcy
Employed grad with no debt gets rejected for new card
Negotiation is key for defaulted student loan
Co-signing backfire ruins chance to lease an apartment
Credit reports key to detecting fraud
How to fix credit report damage from authorized user status
Credit reports hold longer memory than issuers
When new to credit, top rewards cards may be out of reach
Angrily closing an unused card can hurt credit score
Best ways to manage a secured card
Preparing your cards for overseas travel
Tips for detecting card theft
Credit card life after bankruptcy
New to US? A primer on how to create, build a credit history
When is a bankruptcy officially discharged?
Preapproved vs. pre-screened card offers: a big difference
Yay! 3 cards paid off. Now what?
Bad debt but good income? Your credit can be fixed
Debt collector can't back out on deal, if it's in writing
How unpaid medical debts affect credit scores
Child charged merchandise on mother's account? Return it
On-time payments cure the stinkiest credit
Paying, not purchasing, improves credit scores
Billed before cedit card is activated? ID theft danger!
Lower credit limit surprise nearly spoils a sale
Don't just transfer a balance, pay it down
How quickly is my card payment posted?
During Chapter 13 bankruptcy, secured cards tough to get
Should I pay in full, even after a debt settlement?
How to perform a credit transfusion on your spouse
Ah, to be young and have a near-perfect credit score
Best card to send with kids to Europe
Can I use my credit card after bankruptcy?
Student loan payments choking new grad
Don't default on a stipulated judgment
Son uses dad's card after he dies
Making sure bad debts are gone from your credit report
Include all debts in a management plan
Credit card approval tips for new immigrants
How many is too many credit cards?
Stop obsessing over a perfect credit score
Restoring credit score after defaulting on student loan
Closing excess cards without hurting credit score
Psst! A hot tip on debt elimination companies: They're bogus
Tips for getting that first credit card
Will prepaying card bill help credit score?
Yes, get a second credit card, if you used the first wisely
How soon after bankruptcy can you get new credit cards?
What kind of plastic can you get with fair credit?
What's the big deal about secured cards?
Using your card for fast cash is costly
Great degree, great job, but no credit
When's a good time to drop dad's card?
Make sure your first card is a good fit
Getting rid of old medical debt
Turned down for secured card. Now what?
Can too many credit cards mess up your credit score?
Fiancee leaves ex with big pre-wedding debts
Do card issuers remember my very old mistakes?
Mom illegally adds daughter to joint card
Pre-screened offers don't guarantee card approval
Rebuilding your credit as an authorized user
Is a card account open if it isn't activated?
How 'authorized user' status can help build US credit
Credit score impact of settling past-due accounts
When being an authorized user is useless
Will a debt management plan hurt your credit score?
What to look for in an emergency credit card
Help! My husband's ruining my credit
Is daughter liable for shared card debt with mom?
How canceled cards impact credit scores
6-step credit-building plan for a struggling single mom
First credit card tips and advice
Options for card approval without a credit history
Wife of inmate worries about his card debt
Can old debt threaten a great credit score?
Credit-building tips for new US citizen
Does canceling an unactivated card hurt credit scores?
Will paying off a bad loan early boost credit score?
Why stealing your dead BFF's identity is wrong
When does bad debt fall off credit reports?
Late fees inflate balance of forgotten card
Student with no job denied credit
Starting an 18-year-old on the road to credit
Will credit score suffer with new card cancellation?
Debt vs. savings: Who gets paid first?
Asking for a lower interest rate, higher limit on your credit card
Disabled son gets sued for maxed out credit card
Soon-to-be college grad seeks adult plastic
Credit score impact of settling a debt or paying it in full
Authorized user's credit score in jeopardy on shared card
3 steps to rebuild a thin credit file
Daughter's credit in trouble after Mom defaults on shared card
Almost 17, emancipated minor looks to build credit
What's the credit score impact of closing a new credit card?
New to credit, behind on bills, worried about job hunt
What lump sum should I offer to debt collectors to settle?
How to fix your bad credit rating
Is authorized user liable for deceased's card balance?
6 simple credit lessons for college students
How long after defaulting can you get a new card?
Can you remove co-signed loans from credit reports?
Re-aging old card debt can land you in court
Holiday shopping: Layaway or credit cards?
Is co-signer at risk if bankruptcy looms?
Opening, closing new cards won't build credit
Mom sued for card debt worries about risk to son's house
3 reasons you can't get credit after bankruptcy
Why all three credit bureaus need your payment history
Want a rewards card? Clean up credit first
What qualifies as a 'good' credit score?
Steps to build good credit with your first credit card
When is a debt management plan a sound move?
New immigrant credit rules of the road
Church treasurer seeks credit for purchases
Broke, sued for debt and harassed by collectors
Will canceling a new, unused card hurt your score?
Credit management 101 for new college students
How debt management plans impact credit scores
Best way to establish credit? Why, get a credit card, of course
Never trust roommates to pay your bills
With six cards already, would another one hurt?
Start late on credit? Steps to boost score, qualify for a mortgage
Does rehabbing a student loan require a fee?
His student loan default leaves mom destitute
Steps to getting that first credit card
Getting debt free means stashing the plastic
Don't co-sign a loan while in Chapter 13 bankruptcy
Why getting debt help may hurt access to new credit
2 ways to start building a credit history
When it's OK to get a second credit card
Know where you stand before you apply for new credit
Credit score tips for new U.S. residents
First credit card rules of the road
If an issuer increases your interest rate, do you cancel the credit card?
Build good credit with your first credit card
How to move student loans out of default
After bankruptcy, will banks ever lend to you again?
What to do when family members use your credit card without permission
Can you sue an authorized user?
6 tips for finding the right debt management plan for you
Do debt management plans hurt your credit score?
First credit card? Follow these best practices
You can pay someone else's debt and not be liable for it
Dad racks up card charges in son's name
What happens when you're sued for a credit card debt
How settled card accounts impact your credit report
Mom's on hook for daughter's card debt
Who do you pay when a debt goes into collection?
One easy step to build a U.S. credit history
Don't jeopardize great credit with new credit
Pitfalls of escaping high APRs with a balance transfer
Tips for managing your first business credit card
Too young for credit: Don't add an infant to credit card account
Can I go back to college if student loans are in default?
In marriage, maintain your own credit
Make sure your payments make a dent in your debt
How low can an authorized user go?
Have residency, but no credit?
7 questions to ask before you transfer a balance
Can 'unfreezing' a card hurt your credit?
The pitfalls of shared card accounts
Can you build credit by paying off card after every use?
Steps to starting over after losing job, home
3 simple steps for early money management
In a debt management plan? No new credit for you
Boost savings with temporary budget cuts
Set up charging rules on co-signed card for college student
Weigh all costs before doing a balance transfer
Retirement funds off limits for debt repayment
Getting a credit card at age 18 isn't easy
New resident's quest for U.S. plastic
How to get your foot in the credit door
The path to good credit after college
How do banks determine a credit card's credit limit?
Will student's credit suffer if mom can't pay school loans?
Beware telemarketers bearing debt relief promises
Payment options for high-interest debt
Steps to make good on a defaulted student loan
Daughter's credit at risk when mom defaults
Rejected: How your credit history impacts card approvals
Digging out of the depths of divorce debt
Are credit protection plans worth the cost?
Want to kick-start kid's credit? You've got options
5 steps to keep your bad credit from hurting your relationship
The case of the mysterious credit card balance
How to prioritize different types of debt
How new U.S. residents can build a credit history
Unhappy with student loan terms? Consider these options
Can issuers close inactive credit card accounts without telling you?
Mom ruined your credit? 7 steps to recover it
Card account closed? You still may be charged some fees
How to keep unethical debt collectors at bay
What to do when a family member steals a minor's identity
Options are few when a co-signed credit card goes bad
The truth about Social Security benefits and wage garnishment
Spouse can't stop spending? Get a 'financial divorce'
The pros and cons of debt management plans
How to handle unethical debt collectors
What authorized users can and can't do with your credit card
Issuers may freeze, seize your bank account if you pay late on card
Erica Sandberg's best money advice of 2010
'Hard' vs. 'soft' credit pulls
How to shop for the best rewards credit card for you
7 ways credit card debt can be hazardous to your health
Unsure what to save for first? Follow these top 5 savings priorities
Deep in debt? Focus on repayment, not credit scores
Who holds your delinquent debt now? Check your credit reports
9 steps for restoring trust after hidden debt is revealed
Think twice before sharing credit card accounts with kids
Need to pay off debt fast? Prepare to make sacrifices
The dark side of piggybacking
Paying down debt on fixed income: Tough, but possible
Tackle credit card fraud fast, whether parents or strangers are to blame
Kids aren't responsible for parents' old debts
4 simple steps to getting rid of credit card debt
Been 'preapproved' for a credit card? Sorry, you may not get it
6 steps for handling your 1st credit card wisely
You're eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but should you file?
4 steps to settling privately funded student loans
Bad credit can hinder job search, but doesn't always
Is a balance transfer credit card right for you?
3 steps to take after destroying mom or dad's credit
Take these steps to repair your credit after ID theft by parent
Co-signing your kid's credit is great, unless it endangers yours
Widow likely isn't liable for late husband's debts
Is bankruptcy right for you? Our 7-point checklist will tell you
3 reasons not to co-sign for college students' credit cards
5 simple steps to a faster debt payoff
Elderly father's Social Security income likely safe from garnishment
Are you stuck with bigger-than-expected bar bill? Depends
8 steps toward recovering from youthful money mistakes
Without co-signer, minor's debt likely off-limits to collectors
Charge card vs. credit card: What's the better choice?
5 steps to tackling debt while unemployed
3 reasons young homeowners may get turned down for loans
Which of the 4 types of debt-help companies is right for you?
Minors likely bear moral -- not legal -- responsibility for fraudulent debts
Collectors can try, but can't legally collect a minor's debts
Lost your credit card? Your credit report can help
Want to boost your credit? Co-signing with parent still an option
Putting off dealing with debt problems will only make them worse
3 easy steps to simplify your financial life
3 ways to rebuild your credit after wage garnishment
Clear a minor of responsibility for card debt in 5 steps
Want to avoid a rate hike? Don't carry a balance
3 common credit mistakes -- and how to fix them
Are you liable for late spouse's card debt?
Get help ASAP when debt leads to suicidal thoughts
Think twice before lending your credit card -- or it will cost you big
Bulk up your thin credit in 4 easy steps
Come clean about debts before they damage your relationship
How to read FICO's explanations of what's hurting your credit score
The 4 best and worst things about credit cards
'No payment, no interest' credit card deal? No way
Who's liable for a minor's medical debt?
How to cope when spouse's secret debts come to light
5 key federal laws help protect credit cardholders
Minors seeking a credit card will need a helping hand from parents
Living off credit cards alone for a year is a terrible idea
Avoid headaches with this 5-step plan for traveling with credit cards
Don't let delinquent debt keep you from getting a mortgage
Act fast to remove authorized users when your credit goes south
Trade credit card for debit? Remember your credit score
Cure your defaulted student loan in six steps
Getting money back from a collection agency? Good luck with that!
Patience, persistence are keys to raising your credit score
Spouse's passing doesn't absolve widower of joint card debts
Authorized users don't have to pay for cardholder's missteps
When hit with extra fees on auto lease, pay them on time or else
Don't fall for these 7 common credit card myths
Stash your plastic when closing on a home
To avoid debt, give your credit your respect and attention
Don't blame 'credit card game,' blame irresponsible player
Don't worry if resold student loan clutters up credit report
6 times when it's OK to cut up your cards
Is it possible to pay off debt TOO quickly?
Can mom do time for daughter's possible credit card crime?
When money woes hit home, take stock and make a plan
Adult daughter with thin credit needs to learn independence
Are you responsible for your late parent's debts?
Prioritize payments wisely to knock down debts
Negotiating debt with original creditor vs. 3rd party collector
Weigh all options when financing expensive purchases
Should you bother paying off really old debts?
Good credit history doesn't go away when card canceled
6 ways to help rebuild son's or daughter's credit rating
Keep that first credit card after you've paid off your debts
Encourage children to learn good savings habits
Minimum payments mean maximum trouble with debt
Credit card authorized users, joint account holders differ
Canceling an old card with a bad history isn't always smart
Giving your kids a jump start on their credit
Options when facing a credit card interest rate increase
How different are Visa, AmEx, MasterCard and Discover?
Minor's credit card contract raises legal, ethical questions
Consider these factors when deciding to cancel credit cards
5 tips for protecting your credit during marriage breakup
Don't take the bait when you receive a 'phishing' e-mail
Too much fast food can be hazardous to your credit
When hit by ID theft, take these 4 steps to make things right
When bank accounts are seized, take these 3 steps
Are three cards too many? Not if you use them wisely
Do your homework when shopping for your first credit card
Disabled daughter needs advocate in dealing with debt
Give the gift of credit card know-how this holiday
Negotiate debt payment plans before disaster strikes
If dear old dad steals your identity, turn him in
Higher limit or second card will impact your credit score
7 tips for handling your first credit card
Better credit can improve your job prospects