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Legal, regulatory, privacy issues
Debt relief firm that claimed ties to US government sued by CFPB
In the wake of Equifax hack, Congress proposes credit bureau reform
Poll: 1 in 4 Americans checked their credit after Equifax breach
CFPB regulates payday loans, auto-title loans
Ex-CEO of Equifax proposes consumers control their credit files
Military Lending Act credit card rules take effect Oct. 3
Federal civil penalty fund pays refunds to scam victims
How to avoid unnecessary fraud freezes in the wake of Equifax breach
Equal Credit Opportunity Act: Protection from credit discrimination
Credit freeze costs come under fire
Q&A: What to know, what to do about Equifax data breach
How credit freezes work, what they cost
Fraudsters target video games for credit card fraud
Equifax breach exposes data of 143 million U.S. consumers
CFPB: American Express discriminated in Puerto Rico, territories
Is your card debt ever too old to collect?
Borrowing from friends and family: Your 6-step guide
Consumer protection bureau warns about pay-by-phone fees
DIY credit card arbitration: You may be able to opt out
CFPB rule: Consumers should be able to band together and sue
Bluesnarfing is newest card fraud at gas pumps and ATMs
TransUnion to pay $60 million to consumers flagged as criminals
House passes CHOICE Act that would gut consumer protections
Store cards urged to reconsider 'deferred interest' credit card offers
CHOICE Act would let debt buyers raise interest rates
Who to call in the first hours after fraud strikes
Court hears arguments on CFPB constitutionality
6 steps to take when a credit card holder dies
Suspect card fraud? How to file a claim
Prepaid card regulations survive GOP repeal effort in Congress
7 times when bankruptcy can make sense
The new card skimming is called 'shimming'
Can you be charged for unwittingly committing card fraud?
CFPB sues tribal lenders, seeks refunds for customers
Sweeping deregulation proposal targets the CFPB
Debt buyers may get exemption from collection rules
Can a prenup or postnup save you from a spouse's debt?
Supreme Court inflicts blow on credit card surcharge ban
Experian fined $3 million for deceptive credit score marketing
'The Aisles Have Eyes' author talks privacy and data in shopping
APRs on the rise as Fed steps up rate hikes
Buying a car? Don't fall for the Patriot Act credit check scam
United Debt Counselors to refund some fees
Chip card delay at gas pumps extends skimming fraud
Card fraud and opioid addiction: crimes that go together
Congress may repeal CFPB prepaid card rule
Tax refund delays spark refund anticipation loan comeback
CFPB levies $13 million in penalties for RushCard outage
CFPB warning: incentives can harm consumers
CFPB: Minn. bank tricked customers into costly overdraft fees
FICO’s Scott Zoldi: Card-not-present fraud a growing threat
Supreme Court considers credit card surcharges
Credit bureaus to refund $17.7 million for score marketing
Be cautious before helping seniors with their finances
Don’t be fooled by fake shopping apps
APRs to go up as Fed raises interest rates
Behind on child support? 9 ways you could be made to pay
Detecting, preventing senior card fraud, abuse
Who owns consumer data? CFPB launches inquiry
13 ways to make sure your identity is stolen
How Trump's election may affect credit, consumers
CFPB orders halt to 'security interest' debt collection practice
Robo-comments on payday loans clog regulation-making machinery
Navy Federal fined $28.5 million for debt collection tactics
How Clinton or Trump presidency could impact card lending
Consumer agency finalizes prepaid card regulations
APRs to stand pat as Fed puts off rate increase
Video: Police scanners can now freeze prepaid cards
Wells Fargo's huge fine: inside the numbers
First National Bank of Omaha refunds $27.75 million for add-ons
As hotel data breaches mount, be alert for card fraud
When your card's big data collection goes from cool to creepy
Fed: Revolving debt surges in June
CFPB proposes new limits on debt collectors
APRs hold steady as Fed opts against rate increase
CFPB lists our biggest complaints with credit cards
How do I tell when card debt legally expires?
Credit paranoia or credit smart? Which precautions are worth it
Appeals court rejects $7.25 billion swipe-fee settlement
Why should I opt-in to credit card issuer text alerts?
Debt-fighting expats find success abroad
Maximum fee rises to $38 for repeat late fees
Fed dials back rate-hike expectations
Fed: April card balances rise 2.1 percent
CFPB proposes regulations on payday loans, other 'debt traps'
10 warning signs of ID theft
Wal-Mart sues Visa over debit choice
Elder financial abuse: How families can cope
CFPB proposes arbitration limits
Fed holds interest rates steady for now
Account takeover fraud rising
Study: Payday loans trigger overdraft fees
Mobile payments laws have gaps but you can still stay safe
Threat of tax fraud, tax ID theft grows
New technologies, analytics to battle online fraud
Millennials most likely to fall prey to scams
More merchants adding credit card surcharges
Debt collectors prey on soldiers and veterans
How you type, move your mouse may help catch fraudsters
How and when you can sue a debt collector
Citi to refund $5 million to cardholders for illegal collections
What happens if you don't sign a credit card payment slip
FTC adds tools for ID theft victims
Fed pauses interest rate rise
How to fight medical identity theft
As gas station skimmer card fraud increases, here's how to cut your risk
Marijuana businesses find card processing still elusive
Online loan lead-generation sites may open door to fraud
Maximum credit card late fee falls $1 for 2016, to $37
7 quick tasks to protect your ID
How the prime rate is set
Fed raises interest rates, card APRs to follow
What will an interest rate hike cost?
Revoking automatic debits from your account
Making sense of confusing credit card statements
Rating fraud: Not all security breaches are equal
Watchdog agencies announce debt collection crackdown
Withholding a card payment: It's your right, but take care
Beyond bankruptcy: What happens when you fail Chapter 13
Fed holds interest rates near zero
Most banks invisible on federal complaint website
8 myths surrounding bankruptcy
CFPB moves toward restriction on mandatory arbitration
Banks making refunds for add-on products
Why bankruptcy of the rich and famous is nothing like yours
How to avoid big costs of deferred-interest financing deals
Fed puts off interest rate hike
Avoiding fraud in a post-EMV world
CFPB orders debt buyers to pay refunds, reform practices
FDIC: Store card issuer Comenity must refund $61.5 million
Credit balances: what happens if you overpay your card bill
7 tips for using budget apps safely
Identity theft packs an emotional toll
Fed holds course but rate hike draws nearer
Privacy or rewards? Some card programs force you to choose
Citi refunding $700 million for credit card add-ons
The upside of an adverse action notice
Chase refunds $50 million in robo-signing settlement
6 things to know before buying identity-theft protection
$7 million in refunds coming for card add-on products
Cross-device tracking raises privacy concerns
Same-sex marriages mean joint debt issues
Consumer bureau expands complaint data
Are you living with an identity thief?
FCC allows fraud alerts on cellphones
Fed gives cardholders reprieve on higher rates
How to dispute a debit card purchase
Your rights under the Fair Credit Billing Act
Top 10 phone scams to watch out for
Poll: Fraud alert false alarms common
PayPal lending arm fined for deception, abuses
US proposes anti-steering rules on campus cards
Banks to erase some bad debts on credit reports
Got a cellphone? Here come Smishing scams
Elder fraud cases on the rise
With economy slacking, Fed leaves interest rates alone for now
CFPB issues first fine for unauthorized overdraft fees
6 tips for talking to your adult kids about your finances
Synthetic identity theft crimes growing fast, targeting kids
What to do if your credit card rate goes up
Pay for delete: A shady credit-report cleanup practice
6 credit-based conspiracy theories
Bad-check collectors come under fire
New rules proposed for payday loans
Fed signals step toward higher rates
Why you should file a police report for card fraud
1099-C frequently asked questions
Tougher rules coming for debt collectors
Judge: Merchants can steer you to lower-cost card
7 exceptions to 'zero liability' policies
Dangers of applying for an online payday loan
CFPB orders refunds for 98,000 subprime cardholders
Fighting back against the growing threat of tax fraud
8 things debt collectors may not do
Fed keeps rates low amid mixed economic signals
Beware auto-renewals' endless charges
A day in the life of a common credit card crook
Know your fraudster: 8 types of card criminals
CFPB urges colleges to compare deals for student accounts
Automatic stays in bankruptcy stop debt collection immediately
Fed: November credit card balances down 1.3 percent
New protections from financial 'gotchas' in 2015
Secret financial escape plan for domestic violence victims
Mobile shopping apps raise privacy and security issues
Apple vs. Android: Which platform's apps are more secure?
Lifting Cuba restrictions means easier credit, debit use
Fed: Countdown to higher rates continues at 'patient' pace
7 high-tech holiday scams
CFPB moves to soften medical debt's impact
Don't be fooled by these 6 data breach myths
If loan to friend or family goes bad, you may take a tax deduction
New rules aim to tame prepaid cards
Retailer beacons track your phone as you shop, raising privacy issues
Know your rights under the Truth in Lending Act
Fed ends special stimulus for economy
Teach your teens about these 5 scams
Old-school phone scammers make comeback with modern twist
After the breach: Should you enroll in ID or credit monitoring services?
Rule makes privacy statements more meaningful
Obama puts federal might behind chip-and-PIN card security
Banks seek rule change to allow more cellphone fraud alerts
Buy now, pay forever: Beware negative option plans
Proposal would extend Military Lending Act to credit cards
Privacy disclosure statements let you opt out of info sharing
6 ways to thwart pickpockets
U.S. Bank refunds $48 million for add-ons
Fed holds course toward rate hike in 2015
6 ways to outsmart data brokers
Mobile payments raise consumer protection worries
CFPB warns card issuers: Reveal costs of 0% promotional offers
Payment options budding for legal marijuana businesses
Capital One edits language allowing visits at home or work
Campus cards generate big rewards, but not for cardholders
Health care companies turn to 'big data'
How to spot and prevent medical identity theft
Fed: Card balances rise, keep pace with slow spending growth
P.F. Chang's names 33 restaurants hit by data breach
New moves to protect military members from financial fraud
Fed holds course toward higher interest rates
Study: Data breaches pose a greater risk
CFPB expands complaints system to prepaid cards, pawnshops
Higher One grows to dominate college debit card market
Do predictive scores violate your privacy?
GE Capital to refund $225 million to 749,000 customers
P.F. Chang's goes old school to combat fraud
Fed shrugs at inflation, holds rates steady
CFPB seeks lower-cost ways to serve up mobile banking
Are schools putting your child’s information at risk?
Protect your child's data, privacy at school: 5 tips
FTC calls for data broker regulation
4 ways crooks cash in on your personal and financial data
CFPB: Credit scores for medical debt are unfair
Credit card balances post spring growth
Judgment-proof debtors have an imperfect shield
Settling a debt after a judgment
Debt judgment may trigger bankruptcy
Fighting a default judgment for debt
Court judgments for debt: Your options after the gavel
Fed takes poor GDP in stride, leaves interest rate outlook unchanged
Bank of America to refund $727 million in add-on fees
Secure, or not? Assess the risk before sending credit card info
Don't be fooled into falling for these 8 scams
Wal-Mart sues Visa over swipe fees
Fed holds course for higher interest rates
Medical card pays for endorsements
Familiar fraud: When family and friends steal your identity
Q&A with security expert Slava Gomzin on the safest way to pay
Attorney General Holder calls for data breach disclosure law
Capital One backs away from invasive debt collection policy
Surprise! Many credit card agreements allow repossession
Military families remain easy prey for ID theft
Fed holds off on rate increases
CFPB: Credit card complaints decline in 2013
Credit cards: our moral guardians
As online gambling booms, credit card acceptance lags
Why Johnny can't save money -- and what schools should do about it
Credit card late fees could rise in 2014
Curses! Foiled again! FBI warns of tinfoil 'feed horn' scheme
Need a last-minute tax deduction? Try a credit card charity network
AmEx makes $59.5 million in refunds for add-on products
Mississippi sues Chase Bank over debt collection
Data breach protection: 10 tips
Fed starts 'taper,' begins weaning off support for low rates
CFPB report: Biggest card issuers push consumers into arbitration
CareCredit ordered to refund $34 million to cardholders
Lending to friends and family: Your 4-step guide
Sample promissory note for loans to family, friends
Card issuers soften mandatory arbitration rules
What to do when you find a lost credit card
Can retailers ask for ID with your credit card?
GAO: Information resellers quickly invading personal lives
Fed keeps its foot on the gas
FTC to Aaron's: Shut down your rental computers' peephole webcams
Controversy erupts over credit card payments for guns
Government shutdown obstructs credit card applications
Banks soften due dates, offer help to furloughed federal workers
CFPB widens its debt settlement crackdown
12 creepy details data collectors know about you
Credit CARD Act: Round 2 coming?
FTC says :( to debt collection text messages
Feds fine Chase, order $309 million refund
Fed maintains support for low interest rates
Are squiggly finger signatures legally binding?
Don't let a rental scam spoil your vacation
Buying legal marijuana with a credit card still banned
Is sharing your credit card ever OK?
Your map through Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy
Deferred-interest, 0-percent financing 'deals' costly for many
Many pay an unexpected price for deferred-interest deals
Swipe fee battle renewed after court ruling
Fed keeps interest rates low
Congress aims to level the online gambling playing field
Didn't make that donation to charity? Watch out for fraud
CFPB provides debt collection sample letters
Watchdog agency opens doors to complaints about debt collectors
FTC penalizes world's largest debt collector
CFPB steps in to save service members money
Using plastic to pay off student loans: A bad idea
Bill to curb employer credit check passes N.Y. Assembly
DOMA ruling cuts both ways financially
5 bankruptcy myths busted
Fed signals that rate hikes remain in distant future
Credit CARD Act: The next generation
Beware: Risk of data breaches rises when you travel
IRS' oversight of credit counseling fails
Congress considers relief for credit damage from medical bills
Same-sex marriage means gay couples get joint custody of debt
FTC targets cash-reload code scams
How to pick a bankruptcy attorney
Proposed rule could help kids replace stolen Social Security numbers
California blasts Chase for robo-signing
Fed holds line on interest rates
CFPB changes stay-at-home spouse rule
Card add-on products stage a comeback
Feds crack down on payday loans, deposit advances
Chapter 13 bankruptcy: How it works
Robo-signed collection cases under fire
Bankruptcy filings plunge in first quarter of 2013
Damaged credit: Can you sue?
Cash-now promise of lawsuit loans under fire
Who pays your expenses if your company goes bankrupt?
Expiration dates fuzzy on old card debt
Fed stays the course on interest rates
Consumer bureau faces court challenge
Emancipated minors may get freedom, but don't count on credit
Taken to court for card debt? What to expect
Has your credit report been viewed illegally?
Card complaints zing companies
Consumer debt market shows signs of 'healing'
Tax refund theft surges in FTC's list of consumer complaints
2012 credit card complaints reveal trouble hot spots
Bankers' group: CARD Act raised rates, lowered credit access
10 ways co-signers can protect themselves
How to prepare for paperless Social Security payments
Where to file tax returns for free: 11 options
Big credit counseling agencies pay salaries that match
Feds bust sophisticated credit card ring that stole $200 million
6 tips for picking a credit counseling agency
Credit counseling agencies get bigger; but better?
Behind the credit counseling curtain
Top 10 nonprofit consumer credit counseling agencies
Super Bowl scams can financially injure unwary 49er, Ravens fans
FTC: Debt collectors often have skimpy info
Fed: As long as unemployment is high, rates will remain ultra low
Credit card surcharges now allowed
FTC broadens case in $275 million '' scam
States limit welfare, food stamp debit cards to ban 'sin' purchases
Military gets thicker armor against predatory loans
Consumer bureau begins new look at credit card rules
Fed: Rates to remain at record lows until unemployment improves
FTC takes aim at mobile apps for kids
Your credit card refund check may be in the mail
What to expect, what to do after a card data breach
How high is your fiscal cliff?
CFPB working with bank alternatives
Travelers to U.S. can expect new intrusion: prepaid card check
How new 'Show us your cards' rule would work at the border
Vets face fiscal minefield
Study: Consumer credit problems easing
Lawsuits against bill collectors projected to drop
How to sue a debt collector -- and win
Election results strengthen consumer protection
FTC cracks down on 'robocall' scams
When disasters hit, charity scams follow
Mobile technology means new fraud techniques
Fed: No rate changes on the horizon until 2015
Consumer board begins federal supervision of debt collectors
CFPB opens federal complaint system to credit report disputes
Feds soften rules to let stay-at-home parents qualify for cards
4 ways your signature can spell financial trouble
Consumers sucker-punched by sneaky 'gray charges'
Online gambling action shifts to states
Bieber online fan site fined $1 million for violations of kids' privacy
American Express to refund $85 million to 250,000 customers
Re-aged debt: What it is, how to avoid it
Tips to protect yourself from financial abuse, coerced debt
Study finds domestic violence, 'coerced debt' often go together
7 steps to take if chased by zombie debt
Zombie debt business booms, putting consumers at risk
Discover to pay $214 million over payment protection plan marketing
Phony credit card offers cost fraudsters $7.5 million
'Innocence of Muslims' filmmaker has a credit card crime past
Fed: No rate hikes until at least 2015
Libor, the federal funds rate and the US prime rate: A primer
'Jury duty' phone scam makes the rounds
Supreme Court case could curb debt collection lawsuits
Fair Credit Reporting Act: a guide to your rights
Congress asks if data brokers invade consumers' privacy
As expected, Fed keeps rates at rock bottom
Chase agrees to $100 million settlement over minimum payment hike
Credit diet shrinks bankruptcy rolls in second quarter of 2012
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau watchdog turns 1
Capital One to refund $150 million to credit card customers
Though bad debts fall, lawsuits over collection practices rise
Settlement lets retailers surcharge for credit card use; will they?
A minute detail: The time of day your credit card bill is due can vary
The high cost of rehab: expensive, but attainable
The high cost of descending into drug-related debt
Indicted online poker kingpin returns to face beefed-up charges
IRS to tax-exempt hospitals: Go easier on medical debt collection
True debt collection horror tales
Fed votes again to keep borrowing costs down
Federal agency opens credit card complaints to public
Federal officials challenge tribal-based payday lending
Should credit card complaints be hush-hush or open to all?
How credit card privacy statements can hush your bank's mouth
Use caution when making political donations with credit cards
Q&A with Holly McCall, champion of the stay-at-home parent
Winners and losers 3 years after Credit CARD Act
The latest privacy invasion: retailer tracking
Government seizes websites selling stolen credit card info
Federal regulators scrutinize banks' 'advance direct deposit' loans
Federal watchdog gives consumers a chance to speak on arbitration
Fed says no to raising interest rates
Tennessee surpasses Nevada for most bankruptcies per capita
Feds back down, OK credit card fee before you even get the card
States, feds target debt settlement legal firms over upfront fees
Renting a car? Beware of phantom toll fee charges
FTC privacy report backs more credit data access for consumers
9 tips for protecting your tax return from identity thieves
Tax ID theft skyrockets; thieves feasting on a refund bonanza
Q&A with FTC's scam-spotting enforcer, Lois Greisman
Economy brightens, but not enough for the Fed to raise rates
How to prevent ID theft after death
Financial watchdog accepts debit card, checking complaints
Pros and cons of paying taxes with a credit card
FTC: ID theft, debt collection top consumer complaint list in 2011
Credit cards and your taxes
Watchdog agency proposes rules for debt collectors, credit bureaus
Why mortgage rates are so low while credit card rates are so high
Advocate: Many who qualify fail to take canceled debt tax exemption
Canceled debt tax notices riddled with problems, advocate says
Late on your credit card bill? Your auto could be seized
Refund anticipation loans coming to an end
Debit card fraud can leave you in the lurch
Supreme Court backs credit card binding arbitration
Consumer watchdog begins supervising 'nonbank' companies
Obama names watchdog agency head via recess appointment
Annulment vs. divorce: How it impacts finances
5 holiday scams to watch out for this season
Federal Reserve's rate-hike holiday continues
'Continuity billing' scams cause continuous credit card pain
Financial watchdog unveils prototype of simpler credit card contract
Review asked of rule that hurts access to credit of stay-at-home moms
Secrets of professional pickpocket Bob Arno
Hackers claim their 'Robin Hood' card fraud will hurt rich, help poor
Financial watchdog logs 5,000 credit card complaints, most resolved
Tales of credit card crooks' quirky charges
Debtors to collectors: Show proof the debt is really owed
8 ways to protect against ATM skimming
Your Wallet Recovery Kit
Financial watchdog director moves closer to approval -- or a brick wall
Buying online via credit card? FTC proposes quicker refunds
Discover expects U.S. 'enforcement action' over its marketing
How to avoid credit card security overkill
Bankers become wordsmiths as some credit card contracts get rewrite
New federal credit card complaint system off to a rocky start
9 steps to take if your credit card data is hacked
Merchants may require up to $10 minimum credit card purchase
Fed pledges no interest rate hikes for at least 2 years
How to detect and prevent elderly financial abuse
Debt collectors' use of social media raises concerns
Legal consequences of lying on a credit card application
First Premier sues Fed, watchdog agency over new credit card rules
Feds set rules for collectors calling on relatives of deceased debtors
New financial watchdog accepts credit card complaints
Report highlights consumer confusion about credit scores
New agency arrives with broad powers to police financial products
Obama nominates new consumer financial watchdog chief
Your new financial watchdog: what it can do
Bank of America settles overdraft suit; consumers to get refunds
Credit court: TV judges' best cases and advice
Fed sets debit 'swipe fee' cap at 21 cents
Government turns spotlight on child ID theft problem
FTC: a bad company, involved in $275 million scam
U.S. Senate fails to delay debit card swipe fee restrictions
Found a lost credit card? 4 safe ways to be a Good Samaritan
What info can you be asked for when using a credit card?
Reps. want review of rule limiting credit for stay-at-home spouses
New rule protects exempted funds from garnishment orders
Federal Reserve leaves interest rates alone again
Can police really trace a phone call in 60 (but not 59) seconds?
Lawsuits over credit card debts spike in California, Nevada, Florida
Government shuts down 3 largest poker websites, indicts founders
Fed rule limits credit cards for stay-at-home parents
After a disaster, frauds pose as charities to take your card info
6 financial mistakes to avoid in divorce
Federal Reserve leaves interest rates unchanged again
Credit card reform law interest rate reductions kick in -- for some
Credit monitoring services: Pros, cons and how to pick one
Debt collectors seek right to 'robocall' cell phones
Consumer financial watchdog: CARD Act improved credit cards
8 tips to stop banking app fraud
Study: U.S. credit cards more transparent since law
6 exceptions to paying tax on forgiven debt
Your identity, credit card data sells cheaply on the black market
Consumer group: Make credit card contracts more readable
Federal Reserve leaves interest rates alone in first meeting of 2011
Watch what you post! Collectors turn to social media
Debt settlement industry in flux as new rules start
Secrets of a former credit card thief
Consumer groups: Discover credit card offers misleading
Stolen: True tales of identity theft
Once again Federal Reserve leaves interest rates unchanged
9 hot credit card scams to watch out for
Credit card agreements still mostly unreadable
The Credit Card Hall of Shame: All-time worst credit crimes
You found someone's debit card. Do you pick it up?
How a Supreme Court ruling killed off usury laws for credit card rates
Fed moves to close credit card application fee loophole
How to prepare financially for time in prison
Going to jail? 10 tips for reducing the financial damage
Paid late? 6 on-time payments can erase penalty rate
All in the family: Parents stealing kids' identities
8 things cardholders should know about community property laws
Compare states' community property laws in divorce
U.S. looks to create a financial literacy pyramid
Going mobile? Link payments to credit cards for best protection
3 steps to take when disposing of your computer
Ex-offenders face big debt challenges after prison
Tips for minimizing danger of using an ATM card abroad
Divorce and debt: Advice on dividing up, paying off debt
Credit CARD Act begins final phase
FTC aims to clarify disclosure of consumers' credit reporting rights
Alleged cybercriminal, cartoonist arrested in France
Federal Reserve again leaves interest rates unchanged
7 reasons your credit card gets blocked
Don't fall for the 'Obama debt bailout program' scam
FTC bans upfront fees for debt settlement firms
Bill allowing online gambling passes House test
7 places to safely stash your plastic at home
Bank of America stops disclosing default APRs
Consumer financial protections at least a year away
U.S. credit card agreements unreadable to 4 out of 5 adults
10 wordiest credit card agreements
What's hardest to read: 'Twilight,' the Bible or a credit card agreement?
Lawmakers, experts react to's readability study
New federal credit card agreement database not user-friendly
Readability of the credit card agreements from 20 largest issuers
3 language experts try to make sense of a credit card contract
10 most readable credit card agreements
10 most unreadable credit card contracts
Can your credit score be too high?
FTC: Fix 'broken' debt collection system
The high cost of opting in to overdraft fees
International card theft targets U.S. consumers
Proposed Treasury rules take hard line against prepaid card fraud
How to find your credit card security code
5 steps to dispute a debt that's not yours
Feds cap credit card late fees at $25
Will reducing merchant card fees help or hurt consumers?
Zero-liability policies: How they work, what to do when they don't
Fed: Credit companies admit profiling credit card users
Wall Street reform bill taking shape for consumers
Poll: 3 in 4 credit cardholders say their accounts are better off today
The Credit CARD Act of 2009 turns 1
How charge-backs can land consumers on blacklist
Plastic love: How to protect your credit while online dating
Shredded bliss: 5 steps to choosing the perfect paper shredder
Federal Reserve leaves interest rates unchanged again
States stepping up to limit pre-employment credit checks
Visa tackles deceptive online 'data pass' marketing
Blippy's blooper: Social networking site leaks consumers' card data
How to read, understand your credit card statement
Bankruptcies resume climbing, aided by tax refunds
5 Earth-friendly credit card moves you can make now
New rules could provide millions with free credit scores
How military couples can get interest rate relief
Consumers to Fed: Stop debit card overdraft opt-in 'scare' tactics
How the Credit CARD Act will affect types of credit cards
Beware of phone calls offering credit card relief
Law compels speedy estate settlement for card debt
Senate committee passes reform including consumer financial agency
Credit card agreement: Find yours online
Federal Reserve leaves interest rates at historic lows
Conservatorships, guardianships: taking over someone's finances
New card statements elicit fear, spur action
Fed proposes rules to limit credit card fees
White House online town hall credit card reform transcript
When you should, shouldn't give out your Social Security number
White House answers credit card questions
New credit card era begins as consumer protections kick in
What's NOT covered by the credit card reform law
Once secret credit card-college marketing deals to be revealed
Era of readily available credit cards for young adults ends
Do non-English-speakers have a chance in today's banking system?
No payments, no interest -- not anymore!
White House to answer consumer questions about Credit CARD Act
'Emergency PINs' won't summon help at ATMs
Charitable charging comes under scrutiny
Feds plug loophole that prevented credit card rates from falling
Federal Reserve leaves interest rates unchanged once again
Credit CARD Act of 2009 article archives
How the Credit CARD Act affects gift cards
Card issuers ready to check cardholder income, assets
What credit card reform will mean to consumers
How credit card reform impacts young adults under 21
5 tactics of bad debt collectors and what to do about them
Fed knocks the 'floor' from under variable credit card rates
Haiti disaster brings out charity scams
Credit CARD Act interest rate protections already in effect
Social networking: Your key to easy credit?
Fed issues final Credit CARD Act rules
Personal finance predictions for 2010: ID theft
More credit card issuers ditch mandatory binding arbitration
Instant in-store credit card offers in danger of extinction
Creative new fees escape CARD Act rules, surprise consumers
U.S. House approves consumer financial protection watchdog
Enforcement delayed on Internet gambling ban
Agencies release new consumer privacy rights notice forms
Identity theft booms, even as thieves rely on old-fashioned methods
Stipulated judgments: the 'secret' savior
Credit card issuers: Sorry, new law says we can't cut your rates
Discover debuts reform-law compliant credit card terms
Fed leaves rates unchanged again, stays positive about economy
Don't blow first-time home buyer tax credit with credit card bills
House committee: Move up credit card law
Under new management: Your credit card
Nearly 100 charged worldwide in massive phishing scam bust
BofA pledges moratorium on credit card interest rate hikes
10 ways to protect yourself from data breaches
States with laws requiring consumer notification of ID theft
Fed: Want a credit card? Prove you can pay the bill
Fed keeps rates steady again, waits for stronger economic recovery
Think you can't use that not-yet-activated credit card? Think again
FTC eyes new rules on (not-so) free trial offers
How to safely, securely destroy a credit card: 6 tips
FTC settles prepaid card misrepresentation case
Credit card reform law quirk: 45 days' notice becomes 14
Credit card reform law's first phase kicks in Aug. 20
How to file a complaint about a credit card issuer
Consumer Q and A: Credit card law, phase 1, debuts
A guide to navigating through bankruptcy
Consumers gain right to opt out of credit card rate increases
Fed again leaves interest rates at historic low
When your spouse's debt collection becomes your nightmare
States weigh limits on credit checks for employment
Consumers cash in on credit card scam
Credit card binding arbitration system crumbling
National banks tightening credit card lending standards
Leading arbitration firm quits the business after lawsuit
Bankruptcy filings return to pre-reform-law pace
Fed issues final rules on first phase of Credit CARD Act
Minnesota Attorney General files suit against arbitration firm
Law may force parents, children to talk about credit cards
Credit card interest rates rise ahead of new law
Credit card interest rates drop slightly
Fed again holds rates steady, but change may come soon
New agency would oversee credit cards, financial services
How a 'financial protection agency' affects cardholders
New law bans card payment allocation trickery
What people are saying about the Credit CARD Act
A guide to the Credit CARD Act of 2009
What you buy, where you shop may affect your credit
Europe to U.S.: Back off online gambling enforcement
New phone phishing scam on the rise
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Fed slashes benchmark interest rate to record low
Fed cuts key interest rate to record low
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Citi buys Wachovia's banking, credit card assets
Chase buys WaMu's banking, credit card businesses
FTC settles with four debt negotiators over false claims
House passes Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights bill
Deadline passed for free TransUnion credit monitoring
Cardholders' Bill of Rights to go before House today
Prepaid, reloadable payment cards for immigrants roll out
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Credit card APR disclosure rule change proposed
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FTC blocks card issuer from reaching into consumers' accounts
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ABA says card industry responding to criticism
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Bank of America sued over "Keep the Change" program
Minimum credit card payments rise
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