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ID thieves covet SSNs over credit card data
Poll shows people use their credit cards for everyday needs
Wallets get thinner as U.S. consumers avoid cash
Infographic: Millennials' financial acumen is slipping
Card debt a persistent obstacle to retirement savings
Chip cards bring new fraud trends
Millennials most likely to monitor credit scores, plan to improve them
Merchants say mobile wallets coming but won't cut fraud
Infographic: We may pay with finger, face, eye or voice in 2027
Breaking the budget to go on vacation
Infographic: How many households have at least one card?
Infographic: In divorce, women's credit suffers more
Gen Z getting a head start using credit cards
Infographic: Online shopping is in and stores are out
Infographic: Who uses digital wallets, and for what
Infographic: How small-business owners use business credit cards
Infographic: Higher fraud numbers can mislead
Employees increasingly off the hook for travel card expenses
Credit card issuer complaints rose 20 percent in 2016
Infographic: Card market continues climb but subprime still in hole
Young consumers most cautious about online payments
Digital wallets: Merchants to pave the way for consumer acceptance
Infographic: Debit, credit cards still killing off checks
Infographic: The growing ways we e-pay
Overdue card debt sinks to a decade low
Infographic: Identity fraud victims at record high
Percentage of credit cards with balances rises
Infographic: Plastic finally overtakes cash
Card resolutions abound for 2017
Online fraud surges after EMV chip cards hit the US
Millennials strongly prefer cards
Card delinquency hits 15-year low
Smartphones shift holiday gift-buying to the bedroom, bathroom
Infographic: Contactless cards set to hit US
Millennials boosting retail 'un-gift' card sales
New card accounts rise to near pre-recession levels
Small-business owners are more credit savvy than consumers
Infographic: 'Us' cards versus 'me' cards
Infographic: What's most financially important when
Credit card debt down across the board
Infographic: Online banking still tops, but mobile surges
Infographic: Credit card use among the college set
Infographic: Most Americans OK with going cashless
Security concerns keep consumers away from mobile payments
We'll reach chip card saturation in 2020
New card accounts continue to rise sharply
Infographic: The face of senior card debt
Positive card habits up, negative ones down
Infographic: Credit card love from older millennials
Infographic: Card delinquencies hold near record lows
Generations differ on spending extra money
Many prefer debit for everyday buys, credit for the big ones
Infographic: Cards gain ground as payment method
Infographic: The financially happy now outnumber the unhappy
Infographic: Mobile payments quickly rising
Infographic: 2016 sees card debt, delinquency uptick
Infographic: Security tops all factors in choosing a card
Infographic: Female college students edge males in credit smarts
Infographic: How generations view financially 'making it'
Infographic: Credit card complaint rates
Infographic: Spigot held tight on subprime credit
Tax refunds: Urges to save it, spend it clash
Infographic: Gen Z leads in use of mobile payments
Women edging men in the battle of credit smarts
Married, single people differ in views on relationships, money
Infographic: Millennial money perspectives
Infographic: Average card balances by age 2003-2015
Infographic: Data breaches grow more personal
Infographic: The life cycle of a credit card
EMV chip card rollout in US to peak in 2016
Infographic: The demise of over-limit fees
Infographic: Life is financially fragile for millennials
Infographic: Bad financial habits Americans most want to break
Financial goals report card: Maybe a C+
Forecast: Card delinquency, debt levels to remain healthy
Number of new cards soars, but credit limits tight
4 in 10 Americans see credit cards as their emergency fund
Survey: Slower EMV chip card transactions irk shoppers
Billing disputes lead list of credit complaints
Younger borrowers closing delinquency gap
Survey: Old mag stripe cards more secure than mobile pay
Survey: Many fail at online security basics
Infographic: What is a chip card? How do I use it?
Poll finds craziest places people do online shopping
New subprime accounts power credit card growth
Study: We underestimate our credit card debt
Mobile banking becoming a consumer favorite
Study: 8 in 10 Americans saddled with some form of debt
Credit card delinquencies improve despite economic chill
Volume of credit cards finally back up near pre-recession levels
Survey: Employees less likely to borrow on cards for necessities
NY Fed: Debt in collection shrinks
What ID thieves do with the financial data they steal
ABA study: Card delinquency stays low
Banks become more generous with card credit limits
Consumers trust their own bank to safeguard personal info
Banks still rely on branches to start accounts
Poll: Wealthy prefer cash-back rewards on their cards
44% of Americans mistakenly say credit score, credit report are the same
Balance transfer promotional rates on the rise
Credit card delinquency rates rise slightly in 2014
ABA study: 'Revolver' card holders down, 'transactors' rise
Card borrowing lags while student, auto loans soar
Holiday buying 2014: more savings and gift cards, less credit
Poll: Splurging trumps saving if given $1,000 in miles or cash back
Study: Online accounts often go unchecked for fraud
Use of reloadable cards surging among millennials
Study: More young consumers with good credit have cards
Study: Rewards cards have taken over the market
Student loans up 84 percent, while other loans drop
Study: 7 percent of employees have wages garnished
Where do we bank? Wherever we want, says poll
Cardholder delinquency at lowest level in at least 7 years
Big buys go on our credit cards, little ones on prepaid cards
Customers with overdraft protection pay quadruple in fees
Americans' choice in noncash payment has become debit cards
Poll: Americans say they are careful with money
Fewer Americans are delinquent on their bank cards
Debt reduction consumes millennials' budgets
Biggest financial worries differ for millennials, boomers
Married women find financial responsibility attractive
Invaders of personal space cause biggest travel headache
Poll: Millennials know less than others about credit scores
Survey: Lack of education goes with credit card debt
Americans rely less on credit cards, says Gallup survey
Poll: Americans say they'd rather save than spend
Bankers predict an increase in credit-line requests
Debt near the bottom of parents' financial concerns
Survey: Bad financial habits creeping back
Business card use rises in 2013
What financial advice do millennials say they need?
Card fees, not interest, dominate revenue
Personal finance tops dreaded talks
How 'jamming' cleans your credit report -- temporarily
Poll: Who Americans blame for data breaches
Households are borrowing money again
In-person smartphone payments? No thanks, most say
ID theft disconnect: We fear it but still engage in risky behavior
Infographic:Rewards program use declines across all ages
Infographic: Consumers expect credit to stay tight
Infographic: Credit card delinquencies inch up after three-year slide
Infographic: Baby boomers have the most credit pride
Infographic: What were 2013's biggest budget busters?
Infographic: Identity theft takes an expensive, emotional toll
Infographic: 56 percent of parents willing to rack up holiday debt
Infographic: 10 percent think debt dies with them
Infographic: Millennials have unhealthy credit habits
Infographic: Lack of savings more worrisome than card debt
Infographic: Young people more likely to freely swap plastic
Infographic: Preferred payment methods vary by location
Infographic: The cost of Halloween
Infographic: Mobile banking coming up from behind
Infographic: Unemployment makes consumers critical of debt
Infographic: Good credit? Issuers want you
Infographic: Recession survivors are tackling debt
Infographic: Women seek good credit in long-term partners
Infographic: Cardlessness among young people up nearly 80 percent
Infographic: Allowances for kids? So old-fashioned
Infographic: Gen Y embraces mobile bill pay, boomers like mail
Infographic: Consumers cutting back -- but also spending more
Infographic: Early shoppers push up back-to-school season
Infographic: Men and women rate each other's financial strengths
Infographic: Parents shelling out more on kids' summer fun
Infographic: Who’s checking your credit score?
Infographic: Those who don't haggle are missing out
Infographic: Millennials swap credit cards for student loans
Infographic: How we spend our gift cards
Infographic: Best, worst states for credit card delinquencies
Infographic: Americans pick computers over financial planners
Infographic: New grads wish they'd saved more for college
Infographic: Young adults most optimistic about finances
Infographic: How Robo-signing works in credit card debt
Infographic: The money topics your kids wish you'd talk about
Infographic: Financial crisis inspired better money habits
Infographic: Most people won't discuss credit card debt
Infographic: ATM fees on the rise
Infographic: Consumers prefer mobile banking to mobile payments
Infographic: More taxpayers reaching for credit cards
Infographic: Lack of savings consumers' biggest financial worry
Infographic: Young adults ditch homeownership, rack up student loans
Infographic: Debt clouds retirement optimism
Infographic: How men, women divide money-related chores
Infographic: ID theft tops FTC complaints list
Infographic: Issuers stingier with credit post-CARD Act
Infographic: Credit report errors hit less-educated harder
Infographic: In tough job market, student debt grows
Infographic: Women more likely than men to break up over money
Infographic: Will credit card surcharges take hold in the U.S.?
Infographic: Buying by mobile phone hits critical mass
Infographic: Bankers predict thirst for credit in 2013
Infographic: Groceries top list of most popular rewards programs
Infographic: Credit card delinquencies on the decline
Infographic: 12 days of holiday trauma injuries have devastating cost
Infographic: Gift cards seen as more valuable than higher-priced gifts
Infographic: Money-related resolutions hit record high
Infographic: Holiday shoppers use rewards to travel, trim card bill
Calculate your 'fiscal cliff' tax bill
Infographic: Bill pay goes mobile
Survey: Holiday budgets fall in popularity
Survey: Younger couples keep more credit card secrets
Infographic: Recession-hit areas' residents still cautious with credit
Infographic: College students shedding cards
Infographic: Mobile banking on the rise for young and old alike
Infographic: Who is using small-dollar loans and why?
Infographic: Debit card fraud is up
Infographic: Top US cities all improving on paying back debt
Survey reveals where in the world credit cards are most accepted
Infographic: College graduates make little progress in paying off debt
Infographic: Americans shed credit cards and debt post-recession
Infographic: Credit card mail offers hit a 25 month low in April
Infographic: Credit card numbers still top thieves' wish lists
Infographic: After 'I do,' financial skeletons emerge from the closet
Infographic: Post-recession shifts in credit scores
Credit card companies at bottom of pack in 'forgiveness'
Infographic: College graduates afraid of not finding job
Infographic: Brazil top nation for financial literacy, Visa survey finds
Fed: Consumers wary of mobile payment security
Infographic: Americans growing more confident about economy
Infographic: Mobile payments now widely accepted among retailers
Infographic: Who handles the budget? Both men, women say they do
Infographic: The high cost of love
Infographic: Bankers predict more credit cards, more delinquencies
Infographic: 1 in 5 say better money management is top 2012 goal
Infographic: Medical bill trouble often part of larger money woes
Infographic: ID theft reports jump 33 percent in 5 years
Infographic: Business credit card delinquencies keep falling
Infographic: Americans to boost holiday spending, but do so wisely
Infographic: Americans ramp up gift giving for 2011 holiday season
Infographic: Consumers feel card issuers are treating them better
Infographic: Americans' biggest retirement fears
Infographic: Most couples talk money before wedding, survey says
Infographic: Millennials shedding credit card debt, survey says
Infographic: Alaska, N. Carolina are top states for credit card debt
Infographic: Credit card issuers still paying big bucks to colleges
Infographic: Americans' biggest financial worries
Infographic: How much do you buy when you shop?
Infographic: What most consumers know about credit scores
Infographic: Women more focused than men on cutting card debt
Infographic: The rise and fall of credit card accounts
Infographic: Americans' top 8 financial worries
Infographic: Bank card delinquencies keep falling
Infographic: Most parents financially support their adult kids
Infographic: Debt causes financial distress