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Emerging payment systems: Prepaid, debit, gift cards
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Debit card swipe fee debate pits banks vs. merchants
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Medical marijuana sellers can't take their 420 money to the bank
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Prepaid city cards boost 'shop local' campaigns
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Government payments go plastic
Goodbye, checks: States benefits move to direct deposit, debit cards
Health care law brings expensive changes to FSA, HSA use
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Gift cards 2010: More consumer-friendly
Sending money to jail, managing it while in prison pose challenges
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Debit card growth fueled by small ticket transactions
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Travelers checks decline in use
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ATM use in the United States
Compare debt-free plastic payment options
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11 golden rules of practical gift card giving
Collectible gift cards can be both practical and fun
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An employee guide to pay cards
More employees say 'hello' to payroll cards
Banks' checking and debit overdraft policies draw scrutiny
Study: Prepaid cards full of hidden dangers
Most rental car companies accept debit cards, survey finds
What requirements, restrictions to expect to rent with debit
Strapped for cash? Pawnshops offer short-term solution
ATM provider releases list of safety tips
8 tips to reduce unemployment prepaid card fees
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Hybrid credit, prepaid cards may offer crunch relief
4 ways to receive bonus gift cards
Prepaid card use rising as credit cards stutter
Wal-Mart cuts its prepaid MoneyCard fees
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Credit crunch may be squeezing health care payment plans
Trial version of iPhone credit card processing app available
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2008 gift card comparison table
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As holiday budgets tighten, gift cards remain popular
5 secrets to smart debit card use
Consumer groups ask FDIC for prepaid card protections
Consumer groups ask FTC for tougher gift card protections
Unemployment benefits switch from paper to plastic
Tips for using a debit card for travel
More landlords accepting rent payments by credit card
401(k) debit cards: Borrowing from your future?
Special report: Do credit cards offer health care Rx?
Health care credit cards rise to fill insurance gap
Comparing health care credit options
United Way links card use to donations
How to claim expired gift card funds
Gift card survey shows it pays to comparison shop
Pay mortgage by credit card? New programs encourage it
Paper to plastic: Checks and cash losing to debit and credit
Plastic payments displacing cash, checks
All-Access Prepaid MasterCard
Bank of America to test cell phone credit cards
Debit cards to replace unemployment checks in Indiana
Prepaid Visa RushCard provides holds down fees
Prepaid cards: Less waiting time for approval
Planned Microsoft micropayments system may challenge credit card fees
Bank of America set to unveil new affinity banking programs
Debit card payments will dominate Christmas spending, study says
NetSpend raises interest rate on prepaid card's savings plan
Credit cards used for church donations
Debit card payments: PIN or signature?
Debit card swipes part of updated UK Monopoly board game
Debit cards vs. credit cards
Prepaid debit cards
Plastic transactions overtake cash, check payments
What are the pros and cons of prepaid debit cards?
New technology features offered for prepaid debit cards
How do prepaid debit cards differ from bank debit and ATM cards?
Pros and cons of going cashless with a credit card