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Credit Smart
Use 0-percent promotions to create an emergency savings account
How far can I go over my credit limit before my card gets declined?
Is paying off card debt with a personal loan a good idea?
Can an employer pay salary through a payroll card?
Is an unsecured personal loan the best way to consolidate debt?
Either yourself or with help, break the debt cycle
Know closing date to maximize your interest-free grace period
Can I lose my house over credit card debt?
Deep card debt jeopardizes hopes to fund children’s college
Know debt settlement companies' full cost
Credit counselors don't report you to credit bureaus
Staying on track after getting a debt consolidation loan
Sticking to the long, slow credit rebuilding process
Rebuild credit, sleep better
Avoid using your IRA to pay card debt
Retired, with recent bankruptcy: Should you get a card?
Pay down card debt, if you can, before retirement
On active military duty? You can't get 6 percent APR cap on cards
Making minimum payments versus closing a card account
Yes, rates will rise on closed accounts with balances
Deep in debt after college: Where to start?
Son made $6,000 in unauthorized card charges? Report it
Consolidate debt into high-rate personal loan? Don't
What happens when you drop out of a debt management plan
Can't afford monthly card payment? Try these options
Keep credit utilization low when refinancing mortgage
Don't fall into the deferred-interest trap
How to cancel a debt settlement contract
Rolling card debt into a mortgage? Consider alternatives
Card account keeps getting hacked. Close it?
To escape from crummy cards, you need a plan
Make sure loan consolidation improves your credit
Who must pay card debt of deceased husband?
Card issuers can reduce your credit limit
Pay medical bill before debt goes into collections
When medical bills lead to deep debt, tough choices follow
Struggling homeowner reliant on credit looks at raiding 401(k)
One day late, one dollar short means late fee
What happens after a debt is charged off
Dealing with aggressive debt collector tactics
Minimum payments won't cut debt on 16 cards
Risk of lien, garnishment during debt settlement
Which 0-percent card should be paid off first?
Removing your name from a joint account after divorce
Selling your home to pay off debt, fund college
Credit card issuer can't garnish your Social Security check
Don't close accounts after paying card debt
How to tell if a debt is too old to collect
Big balance transfers may run into limits
After divorce, ex dies with card debt; am I responsible?
Pay off all card debt? Or leave a small balance?
Settlement options on an old card debt
If buying a home soon, handle old debt with care
Don't rush to pay very old debt in collections
Paying off multiple 0-percent cards, all with balances