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Credit scores, credit reports
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5-star reviews may help your small business get credit
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5 ways 'credit invisibles' can build a credit profile
Looking for love in all the subprime places
What’s the minimum age to be an authorized user?
Artificial intelligence shines new light on ‘credit invisibles’
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How tax liens affect your credit score
CFPB reports credit reporting industry doing better
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Debt-free seniors may find themselves unscorable
Average credit score climbs in Experian study
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Low credit score? Mortgages now more expensive
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Credit building tips you thought were wise, but simply aren’t
Top 10 credit bureau myths
5 ways an ex can ruin your credit during breakup, divorce
You may need good credit to get old
New lenders shun FICO, create their own scores
Credit gardening: Sow the seeds for a great score
When good credit marries bad, it takes work
Getting a new cellphone? Expect a credit check
Credit score obsession: 7 signs you have one
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Credit utilization: How this key scoring factor works
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Understanding small-business credit reporting
Create, restore credit with a credit-builder loan
How to check your child's credit report
Credit reports to raise standards to improve accuracy
5 steps to a mortgage-worthy credit profile
FTC: Many credit report disputes go unresolved
Lessons from cities with the best and worst credit scores
How credit cards impact your credit score
Federal watchdog slaps auto lender for credit report errors
Video: How to dispute errors on your credit report
Small debts can lead to big credit score problems
What's your 'real' FICO score? All of the above
Not all free credit scores are created equal
Credit cards that offer free credit scores
CFPB calls for free credit scores
'Jamming' cleans your credit -- temporarily
Discover expands free FICO credit score program
9 credit-buildings tips for US immigrants
FICO credit-score giveaway coming to Discover cardholders
New complaint data zings credit bureaus
7 jobs that require great credit
CFPB: Consumers' side of credit disputes must be considered
Certegy fined $3.5 million for violating Fair Credit Reporting Act
How to dispute unauthorized credit report inquiries
How to protect a foster child from ID theft
Foster children get help in combating ID theft
How credit scores impact some student loan approvals
Rules of the road for improving your credit mix
Credit reports now show your credit card bill-paying habits
Looking for Mr. FICO: Singles using credit score to filter dates
Credit dispute process fix coming soon
Credit report complaints highlight errors
Survey: Consumers still don't understand credit scores
FTC: 1 in 5 Americans has a mistake in credit report
Why your traditional credit score is becoming obsolete
7 factors that do NOT impact your credit score
Consumer watchdog report details credit bureaus' work
Credit reports falsely tag consumers as terrorists, drug traffickers
Where you live may affect your use of credit
5 mistakes people make when disputing credit report errors
Why the credit report dispute process is broken
10 surefire steps to get errors off your credit reports
Federal bureau now oversees major credit reporting agencies
Wisconsin credit scores outrank all others, the South takes bottom 10
Rejected for credit? It could be because you're dead
FICO introduces new mortgage credit score
A rapid rescore can fix your credit score in a hurry
5 traits that go along with a lower credit score
What VantageScores are, how they work
Survey: Consumers are getting smarter about credit scores
Is your doctor checking your credit report?
The truth about 7 common credit report myths
7 times when it's OK to check someone's credit report
6 surprising things that won't hurt your credit score
How to shape up your finances in 12 months
Study: Impatient people have lower credit scores
TransUnion asked to stop selling credit reports to employers
7 ways to protect your credit rating during unemployment
Experian gets personal to teach about credit, but it'll cost you
How your FICO credit score is calculated
Credit mix: Diversity helps your credit score
New credit: A small but important credit score factor
New medical FICO score sparks controversy, questions
15-minute fixes for your credit score
Length of credit history: What it means to your score
New Fed, FTC rules mean more free credit scores for consumers
How FICO scores work: Credit utilization
Payment history: The most important credit score component
VantageScore turns 5: What it is, and why it matters
FICO reveals credit score damage from mortgage late pays, foreclosure
6 myths about credit report checks by employers
You are not your credit score: Credit and self-esteem
The Magnificent 7: Where state laws get you extra free credit reports
Free credit scores become more available to borrowers
Unemployed? You can get an extra free credit report
How 100-word credit report letters of explanation can help job hunters
Insuring your car or home? Your credit history can cost you
Want to volunteer? Be sure your credit's good
9 credit score myths do more harm than good
8 reasons to ignore your credit score
'Attrition risk' credit score may get you a better card deal
3 credit score success stories, and what they can teach you
Meet those who seek a perfect credit score
'Free' credit report sites switch to offering 'free' scores
Credit report error? You can go directly to the merchant
FTC issues new rules for those that offer (NOT) free credit reports
U.S. seeks clear path to (really) free credit reports
Credit card etiquette: Avoid these 8 examples of bad plastic manners
FICO reveals how common credit mistakes affect scores
Low credit score? Good luck getting a new credit card, study says
Getting a cell phone? Mind that other number: your credit score
Card issuers sweeten deals for those with great credit
How foreclosures, short sales, other mortgage defaults affect credit
Will there be a global credit score someday?
How credit scoring varies around the world
Consumers get new path to dispute credit report errors
5 things you should know about business credit scores
New FICO auto score screens out more buyers
Interactive: Shop your way to a better credit score
Experian: High credit score increases likelihood of ID theft
Your keys to getting in the 700+ credit score club
FICO scores stable despite slashed credit limits, study says
Consumers lose access to major credit score
Experian FICO score may soon be off-limits to consumers
Long-awaited credit scoring revisions unveiled
Are you a bankruptcy risk? Enigmatic score may tell lenders
More Americans getting free FICO scores
Credit score formulas not changing as credit limits slashed
Keeping credit scores clean before you close on a home
Consumer credit report 100-word statement sample letters
Consumer spending, credit card offers decline in tandem
Piggybacking: When should the credit free ride end?
How HUD evaluates nontraditional credit for FHA mortgages
Consumers, credit bureaus grapple with 'thin file' problem
Learn the ABCs of credit scores, credit scoring
Surprise! Unexpected items can appear on a credit report
Lower credit limits can hurt consumers' credit scores
What to do if a credit card issuer cuts your credit limit
Credit checks for job applicants become more common
The good guys of credit repair
Don't let a disability ruin your credit
Moving abroad? Your credit history might not follow
Credit freezes go national, get chilly welcome
9 ways to avoid the subprime spillover problems
Fair Isaac to stop recognizing authorized user accounts
Court backs insurers in credit scores case
Free credit report: Do you need to pay for it?
FICO score change to impact bad credit consumers
Corporate credit cards also impact credit scores
Visa offers free credit scores to college students
Prevent credit card denials with a background check
Credit scores can impact auto insurance rates
Use your credit card to help your credit score
The truth about credit reporting
How errors on your credit report get fixed
Credit card advice from TransUnion
VantageScore to join FICO in credit score arena
What makes up your credit score?
Universal default: What it is, how to avoid it
What is a credit report?
Credit report Q&A
Credit scores: What's in them, their importance, their effect
Credit report: It should be reviewed on a yearly basis