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Cashing In Q&A columns
Q&A: How do redeemed travel points get refunded if I cancel?
What is the best rewards card to pair with Delta SkyMiles airline card?
Is it time to ditch the Virgin America credit card?
Q&A: Should I get a store credit card after Toys R Us bankruptcy filing?
New iPhone X's facial recognition makes Apple Pay cooler
Q&A: Options for avoiding foreign transaction fees
Are there Whole Foods perks with my Amazon credit card?
Using rewards on discount airlines
Q&A: Using gift cards to amass reward points
Options for business cash back cards
Beware of checks sent with your card statement
Using rewards to fly first class
What counts as travel on a travel rewards card?
Are airline cards worth the annual fee?
How does Priority Pass airline lounge access work?
Maximizing card rewards after you've earned the sign-up bonus
4 reasons to close a rewards card
Rack up extra reward points with gift cards
Sizing up a credit card rewards scheme
New at some brick-and-mortar stores: Pay with your points
What if you're a few points short of your plane ticket?
5 questions to ask before making a big purchase for rewards
Can I get better rewards without opening a new card?
Q&A: How to transfer AmEx points between airlines
Will JetBlue waive baggage fees for non-cardholders?
Why didn't I get bonus points on my condo rental stay?
Using reward cards for concert tickets
Can you transfer loyalty points between card issuers?
To get best frequent flyer card, know your hubs
Q&A: Understanding airline card boarding policies
Use your airline rewards for more than seats
Can you get the cheapest airline seats with reward points?
5 questions to ask before applying for a rewards card
Limits to using airline miles
Boost rewards with airlines' dining programs
In which categories can I get bonus points?
Does my card cover rental insurance abroad?
Redeeming rewards as a statement credit: Many cards allow it
Reward possibilities soar with Starwood-Marriott merger
Using rewards miles to fly to Cuba
Hotel rewards: Go for free nights, not points
What 2016 rewards card trends mean for you in 2017
Issuer closes card, empties out your cash rewards cache
Weighing the value of special card reward deals
Who qualifies for the Costco Executive reward?
Do metal credit cards cause problems with airport security?
How to maximize credit card rewards while holiday shopping
Exclusive perks can make retail store credit cards a good deal
It's tough to be sure if a purchase qualifies as rewards-eligible
Simple strategies for increasing your card rewards
Can you use US credit cards in Cuba?
How your card may reimburse canceled trip costs
Travel reward cards: How to avoid pitfalls
Understanding how airline rewards programs work
How to get double cash back at Costco
You splurged for the Chase Sapphire Reserve card. Now what?
Making the most of flexible airline rewards programs
Save money on gas, at Costco and elsewhere
Which cards maximize rewards at grocery stores?
To manage money during travel, carry a mix of cards, cash
Not all travel qualifies for rewards bonus points
Purging seldom-used reward cards
Maximize points by shifting spending to a rewards card
How to redeem your card's cash back reward
When spouse dies, who gets the cash-back rewards?
Card issuers impose limits on rewards card churning
Brexit getaway? Award seats to London are widely available
Card offers on planes – are they worth it?
Foreign ATMs accept US debit cards, but carry backup
Splitting reward points from a small business
Hunting for the best cash-back rewards card
Options abound for redeeming reward points
Is it time to ditch my airline card for bank rewards or a Costco card?
What to do when strange charges appear on your bill
British Airways Avios program both confusing and useful
Frequent flier miles may live on after death
How to switch your rewards card
Details emerge on new Citi Costco card switch
Getting the most out of multiple rewards cards
Ditch or keep rewards card when annual fee comes due?
Help! I need points fast for a summer trip!
Options dwindle for paying mortgage, car loan on credit
Consider award availability before selecting travel card
Should you pay for merchandise with reward points?
Downgrading a rewards card? You may be eligible for sign-up bonus
Best reward card for cable, cellphone spending?
How JetBlue's card switch to Barclaycard will work
Examine partners to earn more United miles
Why do people pay high annual fees on credit cards?
Don't secretly add an authorized user to boost your rewards
Check flight availability before transferring rewards points
Targeted reward offers: What to do when they go bad
Costco card switches from American Express to Citi
Check American Airlines' reward partners, transfer options
Global Entry perk may make big-annual-fee rewards card worthwhile
Weighing rewards cards in aftermath of airline changes
IRS won't care if you buy gift cards with reward points
How to react when your reward program changes
How long to wait to apply for another rewards card
Fraud risk minimal from contactless EMV cards
Balancing need to save against urge to earn rewards
Frequent flier miles sometimes contain hidden tax
How to transfer your miles and points into other reward programs
Can I earn grocery rewards points at Wal-Mart?
With chip card switch upon us, who do I call about fraud?
Little-known card perk: insurance against baggage delays
My husband won't let me get an EMV chip card for our European trip!
Balance free companion ticket with seat availability, annual fee
Automatic cash back rewards checks tough to find
Unaffiliated travel reward cards give you choices, bonuses
Personalized help for maximizing your rewards
I'm facing default: Are my airline miles at risk?
Help! My estranged wife stole 2 million reward points!
Changing your reward card when airlines shift strategies
Cashing in reward points after death
Rewards earned via business spending are tax-free, for now
5 questions for picking a rewards card -- and 1 that shouldn't matter
What else can I buy to boost my reward points?
Paying a utility bill on a rewards card to earn points
Finding a credit card with concierge service
What's the best reward card for a single big purchase?
Fraud risk minimal on canceled RFID chip card
How to salvage points earned on a failing business's corporate card
Finding a single reward card for the whole family
On a foreign trip, should I use credit cards at ATMs?
Most issuers like to know your travel plans
Transferring reward points to airlines often yields great value
Finding the best card for travel upgrades
Valuing frequent flier miles on your tax return
Card shields protect against low risk of RFID theft
Authorized users can sometimes gain late cardholder's rewards
Apple Pay fees could upset the rewards cart
When to close an annual-fee card
For foreign travel, go for the chip, don't hold out for a PIN
Carrying a balance? No rewards card for you!
With Costco and AmEx splitting, don't rush to switch cards
Earning rewards on foreign purchases
Not all 'digital wallets' give you bonus reward points
Adding a separate rewards card for business travel
How to use US Airways miles as merger unfolds
Strategies to maximize cash-back rewards
Airline frequent flier miles should survive if you file for bankruptcy
Transferring miles, points between airlines not allowed
Travel cards' best signup point offers require excellent credit
Beating the year-end deadline for elite flier status
5 simple ways to keep frequent flier miles from expiring
Choose your rewards strategy: One card? Or multiple?
Reward cards for a company's small fleet
Strategies for unlocking airline award seats
Some cards generous for travel, give less in cash back rewards
Cash-advance PIN on an EMV card doesn't make it 'chip-and-PIN'
When canceling a rewards card, purge clutter, but not points
Rules for baggage perks might have exceptions
Best way to track all those reward points?
Even with high credit score, some card applicants rejected
Using rewards to buy a new car
Getting started with rewards cards
Putting credit card concierge services to the test
Using points when holiday award seats are full
Premium cards can move you faster through airport security lines
Should I 'boost' my frequent flier miles on an upcoming trip?
Using prepaid cards to boost rewards
Are sign-up rewards bonuses seasonal?
Returning a gift? The buyer loses the rewards points
Third-party booking sites trip up hotel rewards
Will changing my award ticket to Israel cost me?
How couples can pool miles, transfer points for award travel
Eat out often? Stuff yourself with rewards for dining
Giving miles or points through a gift registry
Is a smart-chip card needed when I travel to Europe?
Tools, tips for choosing a frequent flier destination
Do United's frequent-flier changes devalue its travel card?
How to keep points from a company credit card
When you can, can't transfer rewards points
Avoid companions' checked-bag fees with wise card use
Sign up, max out, cancel, repeat: Rewarding, but dangerous to credit?
How to nab scarce award flights
Supercharging rewards from online travel agencies
Rewards card switch: from fee to no-fee
Banks' travel rewards search engines fare well in find-a-flight test
Learn the reward points double-transfer trick
Paying your tax bill with prepaid cards
Finding the best rewards card for frequent Saudi Arabia travel
Should I ditch my checking account to earn credit card rewards?
Finding the best rewards card for airline and hotel upgrades
Switching to a new card from the same bank
Delta changes award program; should you change your card?
Must cards keep paying out at their original reward level?
Reaping miles and points with everyday spending
Redeeming 'impossible to use' British Airways miles
High-end reward cards offer luxury hotel perks
How to score a rental car using a rewards credit card
How to destroy metal credit cards without killing your shredder
Avoiding your reward card's annual fee
How to get to that long-haul international flight for free
Which credit cards earn the most reward points at Wal-Mart?
Using credit cards to unlock elite airport lounges
Award charts are key when considering hotel cards
Use a different card, but keep priority boarding privilege
Defaulting on card may cost you your AmEx points
Credit card perks can save you cash this Christmas
Earning rewards for telecom purchases
Cheap ways to renew soon-to-expire BA Avios points
Do chip-and-PIN cards work in the US?
How do I redeem miles on alliance partner airlines?
Can you claim frequent flier miles after death of a parent?
Do I need a chip card in Africa?
Which credit cards are best for expedited airport security?
4 free, underused card perks
Is an award flight taken for business tax-deductible?
What’s the best rewards card for parents with kids in school?
Can I churn my Hilton credit cards for more sign-up bonuses?
What's the better hotel credit card -- Hyatt or Marriott?
The best card for a long stay in Vietnam?
How does the Southwest Rapid Rewards card stack up?
Booking via travel website may affect reward miles, perks
How do I get rid of my dormant AmEx without hurting my score?
Groceries bought at Wal-Mart, Costco don't earn extra rewards
Have job, will travel, need points: Best bets for hotel rewards cards
What are the best debit cards for ATM withdrawals overseas?
Credit card churning: not a game to play while house-hunting
New card options let travelers avoid foreign transaction fees
How to earn more travel rewards without getting a new card
If my oldest card's rewards aren't paying off, should I cancel?
What’s the best low-hassle cash-back card?
Can I get more rewards by using my hotel's app?
How can I upgrade to a chip card before a trip to Europe?
Are miles earned on my employer's credit mine, and are they taxable?
AirTran, Hilton HHonors cards change; how it affects you
Canceling card, reapplying won't earn multiple sign-up bonuses
Without my airline credit card, how do I keep my miles from expiring?
Is there any easy way to track points and miles?
Best business credit cards in the $100 fee tier
How will the airline merger affect my US Airways miles?
Best reward cards for priority boarding on flights
Travel rewards vs. cash back: Do you really want to be practical?
Promotions can boost rewards on a Valentine's Day splurge
Which cards can you churn for multiple rewards bonuses?
Delta's new elite status system adds a credit card incentive
Get elite status at hotels faster with rewards cards, promotions
American Airlines clarifies elite boarding perk
The best rewards at the pump don't come from gas cards
Upgrading your card to get more rewards can pay off
No, you can't earn rewards while flying a free rewards flight
Which credit card will get me home for the holidays next year?
NZ the EZ way: Fly to New Zealand using miles, points
Buying airline miles usually doesn't pay, but might now
Exchanging points for miles is rarely a good deal
Best ways to earn final points that get you a free flight
Basic frequent flier perks shrink as airlines push top-tier programs
Cheap ways to keep flier miles active
Generic miles card vs. airline-specific rewards
What's the best credit card to get to Peru?
Does your credit card cover flight delay costs?
Leftover business air miles: Can I use them?
Where can you find the best deal on a frequent flier flight?
Are chip cards necessary for charging overseas?
Bequeathing frequent flier miles in your will
Can I use reward miles for in-flight meals and entertainment?
Getting the card with the most travel perks for your employees
Cards carry rewards other than points, miles
Occasional traveler? Hoard your rewards for an international flight
Why don't miles show up on my credit card statement?
Walmart gift cards best use of your Bank of America Worldpoints?
Airlines charging family-unfriendly fee for aisle, window seats
Can transferring miles between two cards get you more miles?
The battle of generic versus frequent flier miles
Wide body traveler seeks credit card for first-class seats
Trading in unused credit card rewards
Keep things simple with a cash back credit card
How to get rewards for rural hotel stays
Buying merchandise with points: A good deal?
Are business card flier miles taxable?
Pump and dump big rewards cards carefully
Is airport lounge access worth a new credit card?
Transfer miles or buy outright to gift flights?
Do you lose rewards on returned purchases?
Want a rewards card with an annual fee? Run the numbers first
Who owns frequent flier miles from a corporate credit card?
Which rewards card is the best for travel upgrades?
How to steer clear of frequent flier blackout dates
How to maximize the value of your rewards card
What to consider before canceling your airline miles card
Want elite miles from your card? Be sure to shop around
If you close a credit card, you often lose your points immediately
What to consider before applying for a cash back credit card
Airlines offer better elite frequent flier deals
Rewards card holders' biggest mistake? Not using their miles
How to maximize your 'mileage run' to elite flier status
Credit card rewards options abound for sports junkies
5 easy ways to get more credit card rewards points or miles
Changing airline rewards credit cards shouldn't cost you your miles
Are rewards card sign-up bonuses just for new customers?
Be mindful of your card's hassle-to-rewards ratio
Authorized users can't access rewards without special permission
What to consider before getting a hotel credit card
Short a few air miles? Negotiating won't work, but there are options
Consider your credit when pursuing card sign-up bonuses
Sharing or selling airline miles can be risky, pricey
Frequent flier? Opt for airline card over cash back
Are your frequent flier miles protected in bankruptcy?
Too sick to use ticket bought with frequent flier miles? Your options
How do generic miles stack up against airline rewards?
Cashing in miles? Make sure it's worth it
Want to be elite? Know that all miles aren't created equal
How high is too high for a rewards card's annual fee?
Late credit card payments may cost you rewards points
Beware of opening, closing cards quickly to get rewards points
Cash back or miles? Ask yourself these 6 questions first
Pitfalls of pumping, dumping sign-up bonus cards
Are your air miles at risk if you fall on hard times?
Be wise when cashing in rewards points
The greatest gift of all: free travel
Your rights when dealing with canceled flights
How to decide when to dump your rewards card for another
Who owns the rewards on a company card?
Finding rewards cards with local customer support
Comparing value of cash back cards vs. rewards
Multi-airlines cards versus single-airline cards
Do you lose your miles if you cancel your rewards card?
Determining value of rewards redemption
Canceled flight? Want your miles back? Good luck!
Using frequent flier miles on a tax-deductible trip
Tricks and tips to keep frequent flier miles from expiring
Tracking rewards program changes before they happen
How to find the best airline rewards bonus miles deal
Debunking myths about frequent flier programs
How the IRS treats frequent flier credit card rewards