July 26, 2007

CreditCards.com: Weekly Credit Card Rate Report

Austin, Texas - Credit card interest rates stayed in place this week, despite indications that consumer credit isn't on the firmest footing. Both the Federal Reserve and credit card issuers highlighted weakness when it comes to consumer borrowing.

Student credit cards still charged the highest annual percentage rates (APRs).

Rates for major card categories tracked by CreditCards.com are listed below:

Credit Card Rate Averages
Low Interest 11.41%
Balance Transfer 11.41%
Bad Credit 12.81%
Cash Back 13.13%
Reward 13.66%
Business 13.95%
Instant Approval 14.18%
Airline 15.08%
Student 17.88%
Source: CreditCards.com
Updated: 07-26-07

In its Beige Book economic survey, the central bank noted that "Household credit quality deteriorated marginally" in June to early July. Meanwhile, recently publicized results showed credit card issuers wrote down more bad loans in the second quarter. Major issuers have put aside increased funds to cover bad loans, also suggesting a worsening of credit quality.

As credit card issuers set aside more funds for potential loan losses, they may need to eventually raise credit card APRs or fees to compensate. So although credit card interest rates should not increase as a result of any change in monetary policy, cardholders could still end up paying more in the near future.

The CreditCards.com credit card rate survey is conducted each week using data from the leading credit card issuers in the United States.

Introductory offer periods and actual regular interest rates can vary depending on individual applicants' credit quality and issuer risk-based pricing policies.

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