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Weekly newsletter: October 2, 2014
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'30 percent utilization rule' is a myth
A very low credit-to-borrowing ratio is best, but it's a myth that your score falls off a cliff once your credit utilization hits 30 percent ... (See More)
Retailers prep for holidays with early layaway plans
Holiday layaway programs are popping up earlier every year. Some retailers are even moving layaway online to vie for consumer business ... (See More)
6 ways to thwart pickpockets
Cybercriminals and data breaches get all the headlines today, but don't forget low-tech, fast-fingered pickpockets are still out there, eager to snatch your wallet ... (See More)
‘Opening credits’ by Erica Sandberg
Credit reports hold longer memory than issuers
You let a card go unpaid for years, then finally paid the account off. The odds of the card issuer remembering your behavior aren't as big as the credit bureaus. More...
‘Cashing In’ by Tony Mecia
Getting started with rewards credit cards
Rewards credit cards can be useful, but the process of choosing one may seem overwhelming to those just getting started. We break it down to make it simpler. More...
‘To Her Credit’ by Sally Herigstad
Charged items have a low risk for repossession
If someone charges your gift on credit, but then doesn't pay the bill, the odds of it being repossessed are slight. But the risk does exist. More...
Taking charge blog
Rate Report
Auto and student loan debt? It's not so bad
Financing a car while paying off student loans is daunting. But for blogger Sienna Kossman, the decision works as she aims to raise her FICO score and expand her credit profile.  More...
4 easy steps to waiving a late payment fee
Forgetting to make a payment happens to the best of us. Luckily, if you act quickly to correct a genuine mistake, you might find that the card issuer will give you a break. More...
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