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Weekly newsletter: October 15, 2015

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Luxury reward perks: What you get for paying a big annual fee
Beyond free flights lies a world of exclusive privilege, if you have the right card. More...
Infographic: What is an EMV chip card? How do I use it?
What you need to know about how the EMV chip is replacing the credit card's old magnetic stripe. More...
The scariest things on your credit report
Everyone enjoys a good spook this time of year, except when it comes to financial ones. Avoid a credit scare by seeing what lurks in your credit reports. More...
‘Cashing In’ by Tony Mecia
Transfer your miles and points into other reward programs
Sifting through various reward currencies can be complicated, but give you more options. More...
To Her Credit by Sally Herigstad
Forgotten card leads to post-divorce strife
Shared cards during a marriage can create havoc after it's dissolved. More...
‘Opening Credits’ by Erica Sandberg
Closing a new card won't undo credit score hit
Even if you haven't used the card, your score already suffered a ding. More...
Infographic and Blog
Rate Report
Infographic: Poll finds craziest places people do their online shopping
North Americans are shopping online while on the job, in bed, at restaurants, in the shower, at weddings and at funerals, MasterCard's Psyche of Shopping survey found. More...
4 ways EMV may change US fraud landscape
A webinar examined how fraudsters may respond to the introduction of chip card payment technology in the U.S. and what we can expect to happen to fraud losses as a result. The news was both good and bad. More...
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