Weekly newsletter: Oct. 10, 2013
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Couple repays $50,000 in debt despite hardships

'Let's Talk Credit' by Jane McNamara
Bankrupcty damage worse
than debt settlement
Both hurt badly, as they should, since they're serious debt defaults. But bankruptcy causes the greater credit score damage.  More...
'To Her Credit' by Sally Herigstad
Headed overseas?
Get an EMV chip card
If you're headed to Europe, it would be wise to upgrade your magnetic-stripe card to a chip card, as many countries use EMV technology these days.  More...
'Opening Credits' by Erica Sandberg
Can too much plastic
mess up your credit score?
When a review of your credit report says you have too many cards, will your otherwise stellar credit take a nosedive if you cancel some? More...
Cancer, Alzheimer's and unexpected early retirement didn't deter a Georgia couple from biting the bullet to repay $50,000 in credit card debt ... (See Debt losers)
Banks offer help
to furloughed federal workers
Furloughed workers may get help from banks, which are dusting off natural disaster plans for a man-made one ... (See Bank help)
Can you claim frequent flier miles after the death of a parent?
Airline policies on mile transfers can be restrictive, but it's worth a call. Your best chance is if the miles are bequeathed to you ... (See Mile transfer)
Blog: Taking Charge RATE REPORT
CFPB report opens window on card approvals, credit limits
What are the odds of getting a credit card if your credit score isn't so hot? And what about the size of your credit limit? The federal government's consumer financial watchdog unpacked some big data in a new report, answering those questions and several others. More...
Think twice before
tossing 'expired' food
Researchers estimate that up to 90 percent of Americans waste money -- and food -- by needlessly paying attention to "sell by" and "best before" dates on packaged products. More...
Credit card rate report
as of 10/10/2013
National Average 15.03%
Business 12.98%
Low Interest 10.46%
Balance Transfer 12.49%
Cash Back 14.62%
Reward 14.87%
Bad Credit 23.48%
Airline 14.51%
Student 13.27%
Instant Approval 28.00%