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Weekly newsletter: Nov. 7, 2013
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10 things NOT to do when applying for a new credit card
When applying for a credit card, especially if you've had money problems, do one of these 10 things, and wham! You've just hurt your chances of getting approved ... More
Beware: 7 retailer tricks that make you spend more
From jumbo-sized carts to BOGO deals, retailers employ all sorts of tactics to nudge you into buying products that aren't on your list  ... More
Dilbert creator Scott Adams: Goals are for losers
In Scott Adams' new book, the cartoonist who chronicles workplace buffoonery argues that to be successful, never, ever follow your passion ... More
‘Let's Talk Credit’ by Jane McNamara
Cards maxed out for 10 years? Time to get a plan
If you've lived for a decade with maxed-out credit cards, try a debt management plan, but pick a counselor carefully and know the credit impact. More...
‘To Her Credit’ by Sally Herigstad
Ex-wife racks up debt on joint accounts
When a marriage is over, joint accounts should be severed. If not, an ex's financial misbehavior can come back to haunt you. More...
‘Your Business Credit’ by Elaine Pofeldt
Even honest mistakes have credit impact
Paper bills switched to e-statements? If you didn't agreed to the change, you may have grounds to reverse any late payment damage.  More...
Blog: Taking Charge
Rate Report
Want to use my credit card? Sure
Have you ever voluntarily handed over your credit card to someone else for them to use? I have, maybe you have too. Despite all the worries about credit card fraud, a new survey shows that handing over your card for someone else to use is a common practice.  More...
Card users getting (real) free credit scores
Free credit scores, the real ones that lenders use to keep tabs on you, are on the way to millions of U.S. credit card users. FICO has launched a program allowing lenders who already buy the score to share it with you at no extra cost, and credit card issuers are jumping in.  More...
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