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Weekly newsletter: November 25, 2014
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Survey: 3 in 4 Americans make impulse purchases
A national survey by  found more than three out of four Americans make impulse purchases; men when they're intoxicated, women when they're sad ... (See More)
If loan to friend or family goes bad, you may take a tax reduction
When friends or family borrow from you and then default, the IRS allows a bad debt tax deduction -- if you documented the loan and file the right forms ... (See More)
Lessons from cities with the best and worst credit scores
Measured by credit score, Mankato, Minnesota, and Greenwood, Mississippi, are as far apart financially as they are culturally ... (See More)
‘To Her Credit’ by Sally Herigstad
Parent's nursing home costs take priority over card debt
Before moving into a nursing home, her dad paid his card debt out of Social Security income. Now that income goes to the nursing home. More...
‘Speaking of Credit’ by Barry Paperno
5 credit don'ts for homebuyers applying for mortgages
When you're about to apply for a mortgage, tread lightly on making changes to your credit. Steps you think should be helpful could derail your loan. More...
‘Your Business Credit’ by Elaine Pofeldt
Hidden debt shouldn't hurt spouse's business credit
A woman's personal debts should not affect her husband's business credit. But the fact that she has hidden the debt from him signals other problems. More...
Rate Report
3 ways millennials lose by avoiding credit
Student loan debt and unemployment woes can make one leery to take on credit, but avoiding plastic is not a good way to go. In fact, blogger Sienna Kossman thinks spurning credit cards can make it even harder to get on your feet ...  More...
Retailers tug holiday shopper heartstrings with charity donations
As the holiday season gets closer, you may notice a growing number of stores trying to tug at your heartstrings -- and your wallet -- by advertising charitable donations alongside traditional holiday promotions ... More...
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