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5 ways not to goof up credit report disputes
If you're not careful, you could unknowingly undermine your consumer rights -- as well as the ability to successfully challenge your case -- when disputing credit report errors. More...
When disasters hit, charity scams follow
When disasters such as Sandy hit, con artists set up fake charities to prey on people's desire to help those in need. More...
What's an honest Nigerian to do?
Q&A with Daniel J. Smith, whose book, "A Culture of Corruption," describes a country whose best-known export includes millions of scam emails. More...
Mobile technology means new fraud techniques
What evolves almost faster than technology? Nefarious ways to steal money from people using that technology. More...
Expert credit card advice

How to win a credit card charge-back dispute
'To Her Credit' expert Sally Herigstad
There are steps to follow when disputing a charge, including keeping a paper trail of receipts and promises made by merchants. More...
Opening, closing a card won't build credit
'Opening Credits' expert Erica Sandberg
A college student wonders if opening a new card and using it a couple times and then closing the account will help his credit score.
Graduating from being an authorized user
'Credit Care' expert Tanisha Warner
When they're ready, adult kids need to cut their authorized user status on parents' cards and start building their own credit.
Quick ways to earn free flight points
'Cashing In' expert Cathleen McCarthy
Want to go home for the holidays but short a few points for a free flight? Here's how to top off your account with enough miles.
'Taking Charge' blogs

Presidential contenders talk consumer protections
We've had binders of women, Big Bird and bayonets, but until Saturday, hardly a peep about consumer protection from financial abuse, deception. More...
Mom, I'm not a bad son, just on financial autopilot
Blogger Ryland Barton's mom blamed him for ruining her credit. And he couldn't prove her wrong as he hadn't been paying attention to his finances. More...
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Credit card rate report
(as of 11-2-2012)
National Average 15.01%
Business 13.13%
Low Interest 10.40%
Balance Transfer 12.62%
Cash Back 14.47%
Reward 14.85%
Bad Credit 23.64%
Airline 14.63%
Student 13.31%
Instant Approval 15.49%

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