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Weekly newsletter: Nov. 14, 2013
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10 places where you should not
use a debit card
They may look just like credit cards, but debit cards have different protections and uses. Sometimes they're not the best choice ... More
Learn to use your card's grace period to avoid paying interest charges
Free use of someone else's money? What a deal! But to enjoy interest-free use of a credit card, you'll need to learn how your card's grace period  works ... More
How to give the gift of flight with airline gift cards this holiday season
Airline gift cards can make travel dreams come true, but before giving one, be sure the terms and conditions won't prevent redemption ... More
‘Let's Talk Credit’ by Jane McNamara
Credit card billing cycle
too darn short
The Credit CARD Act of 2009 says you should get 21 days from the time the bill was sent until it's due. A bill postmarked 11 days before due isn't right. More...
‘To Her Credit’ by Sally Herigstad
Forging hubby's signature
on a card application
Forging a spouse's signature here and there may be OK, but never on a credit card or loan application, and not if it's done secretly.  More...
‘Opening Credits’ by Erica Sandberg
Great degree, great job,
but no credit
Recent college grads shouldn't expect to be granted easy access to credit once they land a job. Building a great credit score takes time, patience.  More...
Blog: Taking Charge
Rate Report
New FlexScore helps gauge financial health
If you need some help sorting out your personal finances, but can't yet afford a financial adviser, a new online tool called the FlexScore may help temporarily plug the gap.  More...
As cash fades, Sweden's homeless
take credit cards
Scratch another entry from the shrinking list of things credit cards can't buy, following news out of Stockholm, Sweden that homeless curbside hawkers of the local pop culture magazine Situation Stockholm now accept plastic.  More...
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