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Pay late? Carry a balance? No problem
If you run a balance and even pay late sometimes, there's a card for that as issuers offer rewards for paying on time and reprieves from late fees. More...
Are small business cards for everyone?
If you've checked out the sweet perks of small-business rewards cards, you may be tempted to apply, even if you're not a business owner. More...
Why 'Big Brother' data shouldn't scare you
As more companies tap into huge amounts of consumer data, "Big Data" co-author Viktor Mayer-Schönberger says it's not really a bad thing. More...
5 reasons budgets fail -- and what to do about them
Has your budget failed? Do you know why? Be wary of these five budget-bursting culprits and learn how to prevent yours from flopping. More...
Expert advice

Does wife have to pay ex's card debt?
'To Her Credit' expert Sally Herigstad
When a spouse has thousands in secret card debt and then files for divorce, exactly who is responsible for repaying that debt?
Will paying off car loan early boost credit score?
'Opening Credits' expert Erica Sandberg
If you can afford to pay off a high-cost loan, do it. Don't stick with a bad loan in the false belief that it will help build your credit score. More...
Help! My sneaky sis used my credit card
'Let's Talk Credit' expert Jane McNamara
When family is involved in fraudulent card use, your choices are to suffer the credit consequences or tell the cops.
Improving your odds in the SBA loan game
'Your Business Credit' expert Elaine Pofeldt
The strength of your personal finances and your business's balance sheet matter when you apply for a government-backed loan.

Mobile payment entrepreneurs need inspiration
Mobile payments have yet to reach a tipping point with consumers, leaving room for innovative entrepreneurs to create something that sticks. More...
Don't let your card run naked anymore
An online company offers to cover up the good bits on your cards with custom-made, wraparound bandages that sell for a dollar a pop. More...
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Credit card rate report
(as of 5-9-2013)
National Average 14.93%
Business 12.98%
Low Interest 10.29%
Balance Transfer 12.59%
Cash Back 14.13%
Reward 14.72%
Bad Credit 23.64%
Airline 14.63%
Student 13.16%
Instant Approval 15.49%

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