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'Cashing In by Tony Mecia
British Airways Avios program confusing yet useful
Avios can be hard to understand but offer a strong value on some flights.

'To Her Credit by Sally Herigstad 
Quick fixes for temporary repayment problem
When life throws a curveball and you can't pay your bills one month, here's what you can do.

'Credit Smart by Susan Keating 
How to tell if a debt is too old to collect
Time determines if a debt can legally be collected, but you have to know the dates.
Lawmakers, regulators target prepaid card overdraft fees
The end might be near for prepaid cards that charge hefty overdrafts fees on accounts as bill makes its way through the senate.

Luxury vacation offer may be a scam
Fraudsters have been sending out too-good-to-be-true summer vacation deals in the hopes consumers will fork over money for the fake resort trips.
Rate Report 
Credit Card Rate Report as of 5/05/16

National average 15.19% 
Low interest 11.96%
Business 13.12%
Student 13.42%
Balance Transfer 14.39%
Airline 15.17%
Cash Back 15.30%
Reward 15.30%
Instant approval 18.04%
Bad credit 22.56%
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