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Weekly newsletter: March 24, 2016

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Poll: Pay with cash or card for $5 purchase?
Cash is still king, but the crown is slipping. Millennials like to use cards, especially debit, for small purchases, our poll reveals. More...
6 ways stay-at-home parents ruin their credit
Taking care of your kids also means taking care of your credit. Avoid these credit mistakes that parents often make. More...
Millennials most likely to fall prey to scams
The younger generation is comfortable, but not always careful, with technology. More...
‘Opening Credits’ by Erica Sandberg
Secured card, patience needed to boost score
Improving a credit score requires many cycles of consistently paying debt. More...
Credit Smart by Susan Keating
Don't rush to pay very old debt in collections
After many years, it may be uncollectible due to its age. More...
‘Speaking of Credit’ by Barry Paperno
Wrong address in credit report won't hurt score
Bureaus use formula to decide which address is current. More...
Taking charge blog
Rate Report
'Fraudster's Dictionary' names the latest cyberscams
Think you’re hip to the latest scams and fraud? Be sure to consult "A Fraudster's Dictionary," a guide to the latest cyberschemes. More...
Romantic partners trump parents in influencing students' money habits
Talking with your kids about money and modeling good financial habits can go a long way toward helping them stay out of debt. But don’t beat yourself up if your kids’ money habits suddenly take a turn for the worse. More...
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