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Weekly newsletter: March 18, 2016

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5 ways an ex can ruin your credit during breakup, divorce
Heartbreak is compounded by financial hurt if there's revenge spending or a vacation with a lover on a shared card. More...
'Buy buttons' everywhere can make debt too easy
Welcome to the world of buy buttons, where making a purchase means simply clicking a screen image or even, in the case of Amazon's latest venture, pressing a disc. More...
Activation sticker shock: New card may arrive already 'live'
If you open a credit account, odds are your new card will need to be activated upon arrival. However, issuing bank practices vary. More...
‘Cashing In’ by Tony Mecia
Help! I need points fast for a summer trip!
Earning a plethora of points quickly is possible, but requires some planning and spending. More...
To Her Credit by Sally Herigstad
What to do when kids charge $2,500 to your card for iTunes
When kids use a card to rack up charges without your knowledge, you should dispute the bill. More...
‘Speaking of Credit’ by Barry Paperno
High installment loan utilization hurts your credit score
Owing a lot on installment loans isn't as damaging as maxing out a card, but it still suppresses your credit score. More...
Taking charge blog
Rate Report
How to save like a German -- 4 tips
Does credit card usage make a difference when it comes to savings? Maybe. In Germany, cash is king, and the personal savings rate is significantly higher there than here. More...
New bill targets paid-off medical debt
Lawmakers are pushing legislation that would force credit bureaus to promptly erase medical-related collections from credit reports once the bills have been fully repaid. More...
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