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Weekly newsletter: March 13, 2014
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Financial bully
9 signs your spouse is a financial bully
Many couples argue over money, but what if your spouse takes your plastic or demands you turn over your paycheck? Are you married to a financial bully? ... More
Security expert on safest ways to pay
In "Hacking Point of Sale," Slava Gomzin, an HP security expert, shares his thoughts on data breaches, EMV and how to protect your credit card ... More
Your card may extend return policies
Return assistance programs ease refunds on products you've bought with the card. But you'll find lots of exclusions in the fine print ... More
‘Opening Credits’ by Erica Sandberg
Don't default on stipulated judgments
When you agree to pay a creditor a certain amount each month to satisfy an old debt and then default, you risk having to pay the full balance ... More
‘To Her Credit’ by Sally Herigstad
Property liens are rarely a surprise
Property liens can be an effective way to get repayment on debts owed, but they're not easy to get and often involve a court judgment ... More
‘Let's Talk Credit’ by Jane McNamara
Help! Mom is trashing my credit
If a card you didn't sign up for is dragging down your credit and chances for employment, and you are just an authorized user, there's an easy fix ... More
Rate Report
Consumers still battling credit report errors
Despite improvements to the credit report dispute system, consumers are still having a hard time getting credit report errors fixed, according to a new report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ... More
3 reasons why we hate to talk about money
According to a survey conducted by Wells Fargo, 44 percent of Americans feel that personal finance is the most difficult topic to discuss, trumping death, politics and religion. Why? It boils down to a few underlying emotions that can exist regardless of one's financial well-being ... More
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