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Weekly newsletter: July 24, 2014
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30 renowned restaurants that don't take credit
Some beloved eateries refuse to take credit cards from patrons, yet still find a way to thrive ... More
Collectors see less credit card debt
Credit card holders are less likely to get calls from a debt collector than in the past, because collectors have less card debt to pursue, industry surveys say ... More
Infographic: Anatomy of a credit card
With the coming of chip cards, the anatomy of a credit card has become even more crowded. Do you know what all the parts are and what they do? ... More
‘Opening Credits’ by Erica Sandberg
Preapproved vs. pre-screened card offers: a big difference
A preapproval letter from a credit issuer can seem like an invite to a nightclub. Yet you may be turned away on arrival ... More
‘To Her Credit’ by Sally Herigstad
Tax lien won't impact shared card
Adding someone with a tax lien to your card as an authorized user won't open any doors to the Internal Revenue Service ... More
‘Cashing In’ by Tony Mecia
How couples can pool rewards
Some couples get the same rewards card, but find combining points is tricky. We've reviewed the fees and restrictions for some of the most popular programs ... More
Taking charge blog
Rate Report
My furry student loan reality check
I was coming to terms with the monthly sacrifices I'd be making to pay off my student loan debt over the next decade. And then I saw a shelter dog's big brown eyes ... More
Is child care pushing families into debt?
In many states, child care costs more than a year of tuition at a public university. But unlike college students, most parents don't have access to low-interest loans for day care ... More
Credit card rate report
As of 7/24/2014
National Average
Low Interest
Balance Transfer
Cash Back
Bad Credit
Instant Approval
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