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1099-C surprise: IRS tax follows canceled debt
If you thought your money woes ended last year when you settled that credit card debt, think again. For many consumers with debt problems, after the debt collector leaves their lives, the taxman arrives. More...
Love me, love my debt? No way, poll says
Attitudes regarding debt loom large over any relationship, especially for women, who find heavy debt a huge turnoff, says a survey. More...
Why traditional credit scores are becoming obsolete
A growing number of credit card issuers are quietly testing new, more comprehensive ways to evaluate your creditworthiness. More...
6 bad ways to pay off credit card debt
While making good on your resolution to pay down your debt is a terrific goal, think twice before resorting to these six sketchy debt pay-off plans. More...
Expert credit card advice

One loan, multiple marks on credit report
'To Her Credit' expert Sally Herigstad
If a delinquent debt is finally settled, can you get the multiple collectors' notations on your credit report removed? More...
Mom defaults on card shared with daughter
'Opening Credits' expert Erica Sandberg
A mom tried to do the right thing by adding her daughter to her card, but then Mom defaulted, impacting her daughter's credit. More...
Risks of sharing plastic with a business partner
'Your Business Credit' expert Elaine Pofeldt
Hitching your credit to your business partner's can damage your personal score in several different ways.
Which cards can you churn for multiple bonuses?
'Cashing In' expert Cathleen McCarthy
Canceling and signing up for cards again for more bonus rewards is called "churning." Some banks make it easier than others.
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Withdraw $1 from an ATM (and pay $4 fee)
Chase and PNC upgrade ATMs to dispense cash in $5 and $1 bills and even coins with their new "Self Service Tellers." More...
Why phantom card surcharges make sense to retailers
On Jan. 27, merchants won a battle with issuers to charge you more for using plastic, but it's more of a bargaining chip against the banks. More...
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Credit card rate report
(as of 1-31-2013)
National Average 14.95%
Business 13.13%
Low Interest 10.29%
Balance Transfer 12.59%
Cash Back 14.17%
Reward 14.75%
Bad Credit 23.64%
Airline 14.63%
Student 13.31%
Instant Approval 15.49%

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