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Weekly newsletter: January 28, 2016

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Survey: 5 in 6 Americans admit to impulse buys
More than half of consumers said they've spent $100 or more on an impulse buy, and a good portion say they've spent more than $1,000 impulsively. More...
2016: Year of gas station skimmer
Smaller, more sophisticated skimming devices and greater security elsewhere, thanks to EMV technology, make fuel pumps a popular target. More...
Confusion high over credit card late fees
Despite new protections, 1 in 5 consumers gets hit with a
late fee. Here's the fine print you need to to know to avoid them. More...
‘Credit Wise’ by Kevin Weeks
Get through unemployment without borrowing
Loans aren't your only option for staying afloat while job hunting. More...
To Her Credit by Sally Herigstad
Card owner's dementia, death make it hard to prove theft
The neighbor of a man with dementia stole his card. After his death, it's hard to distinguish theft from generosity.  More...
‘Opening Credits’ by Erica Sandberg
Use caution when adding a friend as an authorized user
No matter what your repayment plan is, you are responsible for any debt. More...
Taking charge blog
Rate Report
'Goodwill adjustment' preserved my credit score
A "goodwill adjustment" is when creditors either don't send or retract a delinquent notice to reporting agencies. But is it just a myth? Blogger Craig Guillot decided to try his luck and find out. More...
Bad credit? Subprime cards aren't your only option
Subprime cards are designed specifically for those with bad credit. However, these cards include some unpleasant surprises, such as high fees. But what other choice do you have? More...
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