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Weekly newsletter: Jan. 16, 2014
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Wrong ways to pay off card debt
6 ways NOT to pay off holiday credit card debt
While making good on your resolution to pay down your debt is a terrific goal, think twice before resorting to these six sketchy debt payoff plans ... More
Q&A: How to save $1,000 a month
Author Brian O'Connor cut his own middle-class budget by $1,000 per month and found that, in many cases, it was easier than he expected ... More
9 credit-building tips for new immigrants
New to the U.S.? The land of opportunity requires you to re-establish credit, but you can go from nothing to good credit in a short time ... More
‘Opening Credits’ by Erica Sandberg
Beware bogus tips on 'debt elimination' companies
The guy at the airport lounge was bragging how he got a debt elimination company to zap all his debt for under $50. It's gotta be real, right? ... More
‘To Her Credit’ by Sally Herigstad
Credit myth: It's good to carry a card balance
Some financial "experts" claim that carrying a small balance on your credit cards is good for your credit score. It's time to kiss that myth goodbye ... More
‘Cashing In’ by Tony Mecia
Avoiding your reward card's annual fee
A year has passed since you banked those sweet sign-up miles from your new card. Now it's time to escape yearly fees -- while keeping your credit score up ... More
'Taking Charge' BLOG
Rate Report
Why teach financial literacy?
Experts agree that the average American knows way too little about personal finance. But will teaching children financial literacy in schools actually help? ... More
Coloradans find they now can charge their pot purchases
Although pot stores in Colorado report that upward of half their sales since Jan. 1 have been with credit and debit cards, many banks still refuse to do business with them, forcing some to accept credit through means other than a traditional business account ... More
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