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Weekly newsletter: Feb. 20, 2014
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Many credit card agreements allow repossession
Surprise! Your card may call in the repo man
An analysis of the federal database of credit cards finds dozens include a "security interest" clause that leaves the door open to repossession ... More
Rewards programs offering more  everyday payoffs
As travel rewards points get devalued, credit card issuers are offering new ways to redeem points, from taxi rides to mortgage payments ... More
Military families remain easy prey for identity theft
A move to strip Social Security numbers from military and vets' IDs is underway, but millions of old cards will leave soldiers vulnerable to ID thieves for years ... More
�Opening Credits� by Erica Sandberg
Debt management plans require payoff commitment
When entering a debt management plan, keeping some card accounts open defeats the purpose of getting out of debt ... More
�To Her Credit� by Sally Herigstad
Deadbeat ex leaves joint debts unpaid
You're never really free of an ex-spouse as long as you have joint debt together. When one stops paying, what recourse do you have? ... More
�Let's Talk Credit� by Jane McNamara
How rapid rescoring works to improve a credit score
A rapid rescore can be requested by a mortgage lender to quickly undo errors on a credit report, but it won't erase your old mistakes ... More
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Will Obamacare improve your credit?
New research by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago shows that signing up for health insurance coverage may not only protect you from financial disaster, it may also boost your long-term credit history ... More
4 things I wished I learned about credit sooner
As a recent college grad who entered the workforce armed with both credit and debt, our blogger is learning a lot about credit that would have eased her entry into the credit world a little more smoothly ... More
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