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Weekly newsletter: February 19, 2015

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Zero balance gift card
You use your new gift card the first time and, pfft! It's empty. Whether it's fraud or simple human error, follow these steps to retrieve its value ... (See More)
Getting financial goals together is not as daunting as it sounds. From DIY plans to going to a professional, financial planning is within reach ... (See More)
A dozen grads saddled with heavy student loan debts share their regrets and offer tips on how students can avoid the same big-ticket mistakes ... (See More)
‘Speaking of Credit’ by Barry Paperno
With several maxed-out cards, what's the best way to apply a tax refund to the balances to maximize credit score? More...
‘Opening Credits’ by Erica Sandberg
After following bad credit advice, a consumer worries that by closing two cards she just opened, she caused irreparable damage to her credit score. More...
‘Credit Wise’ by Kevin Weeks
Raiding retirement funds is tempting when you're unemployed and racking up debt, but it's almost never the smart move. More...
The other day, blogger Kelly Dilworth's debt-averse husband shocked her when he proposed taking out a personal loan to help pay for their upcoming move to Southern California -- one of the priciest regions in the country ... More
Similar to how stolen card numbers are bought online or stolen in a data breach to make counterfeit cards, fraudsters are entering stolen card numbers directly to Apple Pay to create virtual counterfeit cards, and financial institutions might not be doing enough to stop such activity in its tracks ...  More
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