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Weekly newsletter: December 4, 2014
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How much do banks make off credit card loans?
The most costly card companies are ones you probably never heard of -- but you just might carry one of their credit cards ... (See More)
9 tips for using mobile gift cards safely
A growing number of mobile gift cards and apps let you give and use gift cards on your smartphone. Convenient, right? But they also present new security issues ... (See More)
Poll: Splurging trumps saving if $1,000 in rewards is on the line
Some 86 percent of Americans said they would splurge if they received $1,000 in travel miles or credit card cash rewards, a poll from Capital One found ... (See More)
‘To Her Credit’ by Sally Herigstad
Mom offers daughter balance transfer deal
Before moving into a nursing home, her dad paid his card debt out of Social Security income. Now that income goes to the nursing home. More...
‘Speaking of Credit’ by Barry Paperno
Landlords limited in ability to pull tenants' credit records
Though a tenant has left rent unpaid and thousands in damages, that's not enough to give a landlord the right to pull a credit report. More...
‘To Her Credit’ by Sally Herigstad
Inheritance spent, bankruptcy looming
She inherited $36,000, but instead of paying her credit card debt, she spent it. During bankruptcy, does she have to reveal where the money went? More...
Rate Report
Surviving on mobile wallets: Google Wallet's Fred O. Williams and Yasmin Ghahremani decided, for one week, to only use their phones for payments in a Google vs. Apple showdown. In Part 1, Williams describes his experiences with Google Wallet. ...  More...
Surviving on mobile wallets: Apple Pay
Yasmin Ghahremani tries to make all of her purchases for a week using only Apple Pay, the mobile wallet that works with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. By the end, she's eager to find a dining establishment that doesn't have fluorescent lighting. ... More...
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