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How 'mindfulness' can curb impulse spending
By pausing to reflect, you can take a step back and make choices about what you're going to buy based on reason, rather than impulse and emotion. More...
Foster kids get help combating ID theft
ID theft of children is bad enough, but when the child is emerging from foster care, cleanup is even harder. A new federal law may help. More...
News archives reveal credit's early history
U.S. consumer credit has its roots in the late 19th century, and early printed mentions of credit show we confronted today's challenges then. More...
Expert advice

Have I fallen prey to identity theft?
'Let's Talk Credit' expert Jane McNamara
It's relatively easy to find out if you're a victim of identity theft. Cleaning up afterward, however, requires a lot of work. More...
When being an authorized user is useless
'Opening Credits' expert Erica Sandberg
Her brother added her to his card to boost her credit, but the issuer doesn't report card activity for authorized users. More...
Daughter charges on deceased dad's card
'To Her Credit' expert Sally Herigstad
Not knowing she was just an authorized user, a daughter continues to use her dad's card after his death.
Tapping a 401(k) for retirement haven
'New Frugal You' expert Gary Foreman
As retirement nears, it's tempting to use a 401(k) to buy a new nest. There are, however, lots of rules to follow and tax implications.

Blind spot on credit reports clearing up
The big three credit bureaus are adding details about your credit card payments with potentially large implications for your credit profile. More...
A card-savvy travelers guide to France, Italy
Setting aside the technical mumbo jumbo ("Chip-and-PIN card? What's a chip-and-PIN card?"), here's a real-time primer for real people. More...
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Credit card rate report
(as of 8-1-2013)
National Average 14.95%
Business 12.98%
Low Interest 10.46%
Balance Transfer 12.44%
Cash Back 14.51%
Reward 14.77%
Bad Credit 23.48%
Airline 14.63%
Student 13.27%
Instant Approval 28.00%

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